Proposing is a big step in your relationship, and the desire to make the proposal unique is likely on your mind. Many engagement rings may look rather samey: diamonds set in a gold or silver post. While this is a classic engagement ring, some may want something with more personality. If you’re considering something other than a cookie-cutter design that’s already on the market, here’s what you need to know before you consider making a custom engagement ring.

Search on Online Platforms

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create beautiful jewellery. Many ring gurus are online and are ready to help you find the perfect piece for the occasion. However, if you’re interested in designing your own engagement ring, you can bring your plans to a jeweller or work with one to ensure your design is possible.

Get inspired by browsing social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram if you’re unsure where to start. Your spouse may have a specific blueprint in mind, but it’s always nice to add your own touch! Just make sure your design is specific and your vision is clear because it will be easier for the designer to make it happen.

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Try On Multiple Engagement Rings

What may look good on the computer or in a picture may not look good on your fingers. Hand models often have specifically shaped fingers to match the ring. A big stone may overpower you if you have small hands, while a smaller ring could look even smaller on large hands. Different stones could even create an undesirable effect on your skin tone.

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Understand Your Budget

There is no reason to spend over budget, and don’t listen to trends or others (other than your spouse, of course) as to what to choose. Your spouse wouldn’t want you going into debt or into a bad financial situation over a ring. However, If you really want to spend something over budget as the jeweller for a financing option that you can pay off over time.

You can even get creative with inexpensive dupes, which no one will recognize isn’t the real thing unless you tell them. Just be upfront with your spouse that you’re doing this. For example, moissanite, white sapphire, or cubic zirconia look practically identical to diamonds and are far cheaper and easier to cut into specific shapes.

Have Patience on the Business Side of Things

Creating the perfect ring is really exciting, making you want to rush the jeweller or the business. Give the creative process time to unfold and understand that there may be some hiccups along the way. For example, sometimes, something may not be in stock or difficult to find. If you’re flexible, you’ll be able to get through this process with little headache.

Picking the Right Metals

While one of the most essential things for any engagement ring is for it to look good on the wearer, you may also need to know how durable and reliable the metal your choosing will be. Since an engagement ring will be worn every single day, you should prioritize a metal that will last for an extended amount of time, as in 30-40 years long.

Metals like gold, platinum, and titanium will last several lifetimes, while silver will tarnish over time. You also have to be mindful of plated rings, which are more likely to fade or lose lustre. As a rule, more expensive metals last more and don’t require polishing. If you’re worried about metal fading, see if the warranty covers lifetime replating or shining.