Whoever thought that the dating game would have changed on its head in 2020! But after months of uncertainty and endless lockdowns, certain parts of the world have finally started to open up.

Now after months of virtual romancing, you and your date are finally ready to meet in person. Or perhaps you haven’t been chatting up any girl during the lockdown, and prefer going for the kill in person – out there! Here’s a cool link on how to approach women with empathy and boldness.

Okay, let’s get right into the meat of navigating a romantic rendezvous amid tricky pandemic protocols and other considerations. For sure, you don’t want to come off as someone fearful, hyper-stressed and overly-sanitized. But you do want to be mindful and considerate and make the most of one of history’s strangest times to be dating in.

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By the end of the date, your girl will be impressed for more reasons than one!

Discuss your views on COVID-19 before you meet

There’s a lot you could discuss before finally taking the plunge and meeting in person. Is there a high case of local transmissions in your area? Are you and your date employed in high-risk jobs that require you to come in contact with several persons daily – nurse, doctor, store attendant, cashier? If that’s the case, are you both still ready to meet?

Does either of you live with elderly or vulnerable folks with other health issues? Would meeting up possibly endanger their home situation? Have your family members/housemates tested positive for COVID-19 after covid testing in Philadelphia? How serious was it?

Covid 19 point of views

What are your thoughts on COVID-19? Are you guys on the same page? Or is one of you a conspiracy theorist and the other – well – a total believer? Trust me, this can cause issues. You don’t want to be stuck with a girl who mocks your sanitizer and mask and calls you a sheep… or worse still a scared chicken. It is important not only to attract women but also understand female psychology.

The perfect date

Choosing the right location is vital, and it’s best to avoid indoor restaurants especially those low in ventilation. An open-air restaurant or café works best as tables tend to naturally be spread out. So you’ll enjoy some privacy and romance whilst being “socially distanced” from the crowds.

Once seated, offer her some sanitizer – perhaps one with citrusy notes or essential oils to show her you’re a man with nuanced tastes. Leave the generic off-the-shelf hand sanitizer for other banal days.

When the food comes, ask if she is okay with sharing appetizers off the same plate before you dig in. Likewise, if you’re uncomfortable with sampling each others’ food, don’t hesitate to say so.

A restaurant date is a splendid chance to show off your knowledge in immunity-boosting foods. You could suggest meals that are high in zinc – the link between zinc and COVID-19 has been well-documented. Think salads with generous sprinkling of chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, or cashews (hipster cafes might do the trick, right?).

Or notch things up a bit with some delicious, zinc-laden shellfish, oysters or shrimp preparations. For dessert, nothing beats a dark chocolate surprise! For sure, you’ll need to do some research in advance before zeroing in on the restaurant of choice. But once you’re there, she’ll appreciate the effort you took into making the date super special.

eating oysters in a restaurant

Fashion in the time of Corona?

You’re probably wondering how COVID-19 and style could possibly relate. It’s been months since the world is bogged down by the mandatory usage of the face mask. Well, don’t be! Turn those boring monotone masks into super chic accessories. There are tons of stylish, reusable, and washable masks you can use. Block prints or floral? Velvet embellished or hemp, tweed or silk? You’ll be surprised at the variety on offer. Your date is gonna be impressed!

Now that the mask has been taken care of, here’s something else to consider. Did you know that contamination can spread through frequent touching of the eyes too? A nifty little fashion tip is to don one of those cool wraparound clear glasses. You can wear them in the daytime and indoors too. The UV protection and facial contour-hugging fit are an added bonus. And yep, they’ll protect your eyes from wind, dust, pollution and rain.

wearing a fashionable mask during covid-19

And finally, the million-dollar question – what should you wear on that first date? If you have come to realize through pre-meet phone calls that your date is overly concerned with social distancing, sanitizing and hygiene, a clever idea is to go with light-coloured clothing. Why? Because it’s a long-standing joke that dark colours help camouflage stains. Well, this is not always true but why take the chance. Show her what you’re made of, and settle for a freshly laundered, well-pressed t-shirt and chinos – in light colours all! A white handkerchief adds a touch of suave to your overall look.

Whether or not to get intimate

The date’s going really well and you can’t wait to take things further. But COVID isn’t helping out much, is it? Worse still, kissing can speed up the process of virus transmissions (or even the common cold for that matter). So the decision to get intimate is not only a choice but also a calculated risk you guys will have to figure out.

Sure, you could take a COVID-19 saliva or swab test to reassure each other but those tests are just what they are. Tests!  They do not ensure a happily-ever-after COVID-free future. Whatever you decide, it’s best to lay it all bare and communicate any apprehensions honestly. A good idea is to create a social bubble where both of you can mutually decide to limit the people you’ll enter close contact with on a day-to-day basis. That includes friends and relatives hanging out at home too.

meeting up during covid19

Speak up if you’re not comfortable meeting face-to-face

So you’ve thoroughly enjoyed that first date and would love to keep meeting again and again. But safety protocols and procedures might change anytime in your city or region. Even if fresh lockdowns aren’t imposed, stricter measures while meeting in public might be put in place. Or perhaps your family or housemates might not feel the same way about  you dating. Whatever the case, discuss your concerns freely, and don’t let your date influence or pressurize you. Likewise, encourage her to speak up if she is more comfortable meeting up virtually.

Holding off until things have cooled down might just ease the way for better things to come. You never know!

Until then, here’s some actionable and practical dating advice to be a top performer in the game!

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