As soon as you start vaping, you will come across different e-juices from different manufacturers. Frankly, some will entice you and give you an amazing experience while others will just be awful. To be safe, it is prudent to read reviews and other information to know what you will get from some of the best vape juice manufacturers in the world.

The Humble E-Liquid company from the USA produces premium vape juices with a variety of flavours to meet the needs of different vapers. Would you like to know more about this company and their premium vape juices? If you would, this post is for you.

Tobacco Series

Tobacco contains nicotine, and people who enjoy it will probably want it in their vape juices. So, Humble E-Liquid has them covered with their nic salt 30 ml series. They are as premium as any other e-juice from the company, and they do have different flavours. From this series, Humble E-Liquid offers smooth tobacco without any other flavours, roasted nut flavour, and vanilla almond flavour.

Dessert E-Liquids

Humble E-Liquid also carries sweet and delicious dessert vape juices. Most of the vape juices in this series also have nic salt, but they are enhanced with the use of dessert flavours such as toffee vanilla custard, banana bread, and creamy fruit bar among others. If you prefer to vape after meals, the 30 ml dessert vape juices from Humble E Liquid will suit you.

Fruit E-Liquids

Just like many other reputable vape juice manufacturers and sellers in the USA and Canada, humble e-liquid also makes fruit-flavoured vape juices in both 30 ml and 60 ml bottles. These are well suited to newbies who want to enjoy fruit flavours as they get used to vaping. They come in fancy names such as berry delight, cherry limeade, and sweet citrus among others, and they are equally delicious. In addition to newbies, anyone else can enjoy fruit-flavoured vape juices from Humble E-Liquid.

Menthol E-Liquids

Menthol causes an appealing cool sensation in the mouth, throat, and entire respiratory system. The Humble E-Liquid company has variations of menthol flavours that you will enjoy at any time. You will find both 30 ml and 60 ml sizes of fruit-flavoured menthol or plain menthol e-juice.

Humble Specials

When you visit the Humble E-Liquid website, there is a category for their current special. You will notice that it includes a selection from the other categories. The good thing about picking your vape juice from this category is that you will likely receive amazing discounts and other add-ons. Because the list is big, be sure that you pick what suits your needs even from their Humble E-Liquid specials.

Final Word

The Humble E-Liquid company has amazing vape juices that will never disappoint you. You will get your order shipped with ease especially if you are in the USA or Canada. Talk to their sales agents today for clarifications on any vape juice that you want.