When spring has sprung and it’s time to reinvigorate your running routine, the best way to motivate yourself to get outdoors is to ensure your wardrobe is fit for the season ahead.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the items of clothing and accessories that will stand you in good stead for comfortable, rewarding spring running sessions.

Sweat-wicking clothing

While the spring might not seem like the season of hot sun and high temperatures, you still need to be aware of the impact that sweat can have if it is not properly dealt with during your workouts.

The best advice is to invest in clothing with sweat-wicking abilities, such as running shorts and tops made with synthetic materials, rather than those produced with sweat-absorbing materials like cotton.

Tracksmith Session Speed Shorts

By pulling the sweat your body produces away from the surface of your skin, this allows it to evaporate as intended. In turn, this means you will reduce the effects of chafing, and be able to run for longer without doing damage to your sensitive areas.

Sturdy, surface-appropriate shoes

The spring weather can throw a variety of conditions at you, so it makes sense to have footwear that reflects this changeability.

There are all sorts of running shoes that are critically acclaimed for their sturdiness, while also providing a good blend of cost-effectiveness and style for those who want to look good as well as burn off their winter weight.

The most important thing is to base your choice of running shoe on the kinds of surfaces you are going to encounter most frequently. Whether you are going to mainly be running on roads or mostly sticking to tracks and trails, this has to be reflected in the type of shoe you buy.


Talking of changeable weather, when you wear a hat to run in during the spring, you are not just accounting for the glare of the sun, but also the effects of rainfall on your ability to see what’s ahead of you.

A peaked cap or even a runner’s visor that doesn’t interfere with your hair is a good investment. It will shield your eyes and ensure you are aware of your surroundings in one fell swoop.

A headband can also be a good choice, especially for use on colder days when you can wear it to cover your ears and keep them warm on chilly spring mornings.

Water bottles

Every runner needs to be aware of how proper hydration can help them perform better and also avoid them harming their bodies through dehydration.

There are a whole host of products that are appropriate for this purpose, and water bottles are the simplest and most abundant. Opting for handheld varieties, which are shaped to fit snugly in your palm while you run, is sensible for your spring excursions.

Of course, if you are planning longer routes, investing in hydration belts that fit around your torso and can carry more liquid without monopolizing your hands could be better.

Vapur collapsible water bottle

Vapur collapsible water bottle

Useful accessories

Lastly, there are a couple of accessories that you will find invaluable if you are heading out on a run in the spring.

Firstly, taking sunglasses along for the ride is better than finding yourself squinting into a bright spring day and wishing you had brought them out of the house.

Second, a head torch is the best friend of any runner who wants to get up and about early and ensure that they are fully visible to others when the sun has yet to rise.

So if your runner’s wardrobe is looking a little lacking, now is the perfect time to invest in a spring overhaul.