4 Coat Styles You Need this Winter

4 Coat Styles You Need this Winter

Winter is finally here, with the temperatures gradually decreasing as each week goes by. Having right winter wardrobe is essential, and now is the perfect time to invest in the ultimate winter coat. Whether you’re hoping for a smart longline coat, or a casual weekend jacket, make sure you’ve got the right styles for the right occasions.

This year, coats have taken on a streetwear vibe, with quilted designs and oversized fits. So, if you’ve not bought your outerwear for AW18 yet, here are the top 4 coats you should invest in this season.


Parka Coat

The parka coat is inspired by explorers and travellers, originally created by the Inuit people who needed effective protection from freezing conditions. The style quickly caught on through the 1950s thanks to US military men who adopted the style for its simplicity and practicality.

The parka coat is now a seasonal wardrobe essential, with a classic silhouette that has been re-worked over the years. Parka coats are often designed with a hood that is finished with faux fur trim, as well as large pockets and concealed zip or buttons. A design that can protect you from the biting wind and the downpours that often come with winter, a parka coat should be reserved for the depths of winter.

Look for seasonal colours like burgundy, forest green and navy for a real style upgrade, and make sure your parka coat has plenty of quilting and lining to do its job effectively.

parker coat for men

Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets offer a little more versatility than other styles, making them a perfect choice for your everyday winter coat. Their quilted design creates plenty of padding to protect you from the cold, often made using heavy insulation. Puffer jackets often have a slight oversized fit, leaving plenty of room for layering underneath.

Your puffer jacket should be durable, with the option of a detachable hood for an extra helpful feature. Perfectly paired with jeans, a printed t-shirt or sweatshirt and trainers, puffer jackets provide streetwear-inspired, off-duty style.

Puffer Jacket for men

Bomber Jacket

Every wardrobe should include a lightweight, casual jacket for when you’re not outside too much; after all, it seems pointless to haul out your parka coat just to go from the car to the door. A bomber jacket is the perfect solution for this occasion, often designed with a short length and fitted around the waist.

Bomber jackets are sometimes created with a shearling collar too. The beauty of a bomber jacket is that you can dress it up or down; throw it on over your suit for an extra layer when heading into the office, or stick a hoodie underneath it for the ultimate cosy look.

Stick to neutral, darker colours for your bomber jacket, such as khaki, navy, grey or black. You might want to consider a subtle pattern, like a faded check or something similar to add detail to your outfit.

Bomber jacket for men


The overcoat style is hugely popular in the winter months, because they are long in length which provides extra warmth. They are designed to be the outermost layer; for example, you can wear your overcoat over your suit blazer.

Overcoats are a smart option that you should keep in your wardrobe for evening occasions. There are often structured, with a collar and pockets, and usually designed in muted shades like grey or brown. Look for check patterns or houndstooth for a tailored, sophisticated look.

overcoat for men

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