If you haven’t checked your mattress lately, you should. Most people use their mattress warranty to see if they are near the mattress replacement date. However, the ingredients that make mattresses comfortable, such as the spring core, often wears out sooner than the warranty.

 Here are six signs to help you determine if you need to replace your mattress.

1. Your mattress is more than eight years old

One of the first things to consider if you’re wondering if you should replace your mattress is the age of the mattress. Take a look at the date of purchase on the mattress label to see if the mattress is over eight years old. According to Consumer Reports, you should replace your mattress every seven to 10 years. If your mattress has a 20-year warranty, this may seem way too early to replace a mattress. However, the warranty is meant to cover the workmanship and parts of the mattress and do not pertain to comfort. Keeping a mattress that additional 10 years may be very uncomfortable and even unsafe.

2. You don’t feel refreshed in the morning

When you get a restful night’s sleep you’ll wake up feeling energized. If you’re groggy and fatigued when you wake up and you don’t have a sleep disorder, the tossing and turning you experience at night is likely due to an uncomfortable mattress.

When you have a hard time getting into a comfortable sleeping position, your body is working when it should be resting and this will lead to extreme tiredness in the morning. If you are waking up still tired, it may be time to replace that mattress.

tired man

3. You wake up in pain

Are you stiff and tired when you wake up? If so, you probably need a new mattress. Old mattresses often don’t offer adequate support and once there isn’t enough cushion to comfort your muscles and joints, you’ll be sleeping directly on the springs. This means your midsection will sink into the mattress that can lead to physical pain.

If you’re having pain in your back, neck or shoulders, you’ll be moving around on the mattress throughout the night, trying to get in a comfortable spot. If the pain starts to subside throughout the day, this is an indication that you need to purchase a new mattress.

back pain

4. Other places in the home are more comfortable than your bed

If you go to your spare bedroom or the sofa to get a good night’s rest, or you find that you get better sleep in a hotel room, this is a sign that your mattress is no longer offering you the proper support. A mattress should give your body the support necessary to recover during sleep. When your mattress is uncomfortable, it may be hard for you to get to sleep at night, even if you’re exhausted. Studies indicate that replacing your mattress improves the quality of your sleep and the amount of time you stay asleep. 

5. Your mattress is squeaking

Your mattress can only provide the proper support if it is properly supported. If you are a heaver person you might want to check what type of mattress you have since your ordinary mattress might not support your weight.

If your mattress is in pretty good shape but you still don’t feel completely comfortable, check the box springs on the bed and mattress frame. If the box springs are worn or broken, the shape and comfort level of the mattress will be affected and it might make a squeaking noise. A faulty bed frame can even cause a new mattress to sag in the middle. Getting a new bed frame along with a new mattress can improve your sleep tremendously. 

6. You’ve noticed a significant change in your weight

You will likely lose or gain weight during the life cycle of your mattress. There are several reasons for fluctuations in weight over the years, including age, recovering from an illness or surgery, or pregnancy. Even if your mattress isn’t completely ruined, what felt comfortable for you five years ago may not work for your body now.

If you need a mattress with a different pressure point or firmness level, try purchasing a mattress topper. The topper will likely work for a few months until you’re ready to buy a new mattress, but the topper won’t be as effective if your mattress is too soft or doesn’t offer enough support.

A new mattress can improve your mood, health and overall attitude. These signs may help you understand when it is time to invest in a new mattress. If you want to know how to choose the perfect new mattress for you, it’s a good idea to get a thorough Sleep Analysis from a sleep expert who can recommend a custom mattress for you. Or, do research online to find the right mattress for your sleep position. No matter your budget or preference, you are sure to find a mattress that will help you get more z’s.