As a modern man, you are constantly trying to balance your busy life, and finding time to design your ideal bedroom is not at the top of the list. However, a bedroom that’s perfectly designed to fit your lifestyle will help provide the balance you need. How you live in your space determines the layout and on which designs you should centre your focus.

For instance, if you watch television in bed, you’ll want to arrange the room in a way that caters to this habit. You should also consider an adjustable base so that you can raise yourself to a sitting position to make your television viewing easier on your neck and back. If you work nights, a design that includes blackout curtains can lead to a restful sleep. Your bedroom should communicate and improve your lifestyle.

Once you are sure of the room layout, you can start to think about colours you’re comfortable using. Most men play it safe and stick with neutral colours, which is great because they blend well with colourful patterns. Think about the statement a vividly coloured piece of art makes against a neutral wall.

You can even experiment with brightly patterned bedding or rugs to provide contrast and bring life to the space. Other accessories like accent chairs, lamps, or benches can add a drop of colour and personality to the room.

If you like a darker colour palette, you should go for it; just invest in good lighting. The right bedside table lamps can give the room a soft, seductive look or provide ample light for late-night book reading. Don’t be afraid to play with jewelled tones and fabrics when working with dark colours for a more distinguished look.

Now that you’ve got the layout and colour palette, it’s time to choose your style. Do you want a modern feel with clean, crisp lines? The modern style is a simple and sleek look that uses metal, steel, and glass. Or are your tastes more traditional? Do you prefer dark rich woods, curved lines, and decorative details carved in your pieces?

Maybe you like the nostalgia for the mid-century modern designs, a throw-back to the contemporary styles of the 1950s and 60s. Then there are the minimalists who believe less is more and focus on function and clean lines. Settling on a style will give the space cohesiveness as you build around the room’s centrepiece, the bed.

Once the space is measured, you can find a bed frame to meet your design and functionality needs. First, be realistic with what size bed will fit comfortably in the space. Don’t cram a king bed in a room that can comfortably fit a full or queen-sized bed. If you need more space, a storage bed is the right fit.

You should carefully consider your headboard as the taller ones are pieces of art themselves and should complement the room’s overall look. You don’t want a piece that startles each time you walk into the space but something stylish and welcoming. And since the function is a huge part of the design, bedframes with USB charging might be right for your mobile devices. For Masculine Bed Frames, check out our friends at

Now that you have the bed, it’s time to decide how many nightstands, dressers, or wardrobe closets you need to complete the look. Full-length mirrors are another lifestyle accessory to consider so that you can be confident in your appearance before beginning your day.

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