As we approach the end of the year, you may already be thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Top of most people’s lists each year is to do more exercise, however, it can often soon end in January if you don’t add some variety to your training.

Boxing could be the best way for you to reach your goals in 2023, as training in the sport has lots of benefits, but most importantly, it can be great fun. Here is a look at why boxing training may be suited to you.

Challenging Workouts

A boxer can face as many as 12 rounds in the ring, so they have to be prepared to go the distance. WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will face Derek Chisora later in the year where he is 1/33 in the boxing betting for that bout. Although he is such a strong favourite, the unbeaten boxer will be training to be fit enough to see out the full 12 rounds in that bout.

Fury is one of the popular boxing betting tips for that card in London. However, in heavyweight boxing, one punch can have a big outcome on the result of the fight. The Gypsy King will go through some challenging workouts in his training camp to ensure he is in great shape at the end of it. If you also apply this same mentality as the professionals, it will help with your goals.


Boxers are some of the fittest athletes in any sport in the world. One of the best tips for a good training plan is to have variety in it. This not only ensures you don’t become bored but also your body then doesn’t get used to doing the same thing.

Boxing trainers are known for being tough but fair. The best ones try to make their sessions fun. This could involve working in groups, challenges, or ensuring the music playing in the gym is motivating.


When you enter a boxing gym, you will be expected to follow the rules set out by the boxing training. Often, they will be simple things, such as turning up for training on time and with the correct equipment. These rules may sound basic, but discipline is a big part of the sport. They also apply to everybody, regardless of whether you are a world champion like Fury or just looking to improve your fitness.

If you feel comfortable with entering the ring for sparring, there will also be rules which you will need to follow. These are there to protect you and the person you are sparring with.


To get the optimum results, and to better fuel your training, a well-balanced diet is encouraged for those taking part in boxing training. You can put together your own diet plan or seek the help of a nutritionist for this.

Generally, a good diet plan involves eating smaller meals five times a day. If you have stuck to this, you can reward yourself with a cheat meal at the end of the week.

Good luck if you take up boxing training in the new year. Hopefully, you enjoy it and get all the results you want to achieve from the sport.