This is the third time that MenStyleFashion is reviewing products from Flexispot, a company specializing in standing desks and office chairs including accessories for this market. We reviewed the FlexiSpot E8 Standing desk last year and were thoroughly impressed by the quality and design of the product. We also reviewed the BS10 office chair, a very adjustable chair for those who prefer sitting down at their desks. This time we have the top-of-the-range Flexispot Q8 8-in-1 standing desk that retails for £699.99 on the UK site and $799.99 on the US site.


The FlexiSpot Q8 standing desk comes in two boxes, one containing the desktop frame, bamboo desktop, and drawer and the other box containing the motorized 3-stage lifting columns. Both boxes are heavy and should be carried by two people. The assembly is very straightforward and the Flexipsot Q8 takes a total of 15 minutes to assemble, with the provided screws and Allen keys. The only tool that you need yourself is a Phillips screwdriver for mounting the cable tray.

The bamboo desktop is factory mounted on a sturdy white frame, which includes the drawer, the electrical cabling and the switches to operate the desk. The desk frame and columns come in two colours, black and white.

assembly flexispot q8 standing desk

The 3-stage columns are fixed with 4 screws each.

assembly flexispot q8 standing desk

Assembly is done with the feet and the cable tray in place.

To turn the assembled table on its feet you will need two people to do so. The first thing I noticed is how low this desk can go, due to the 3 stage design of the columns it can go as low as 60cm.


The lowest position is 60 centimetres, which means the desk can also be used by children or can be used as a coffee table.

The 8in1 Desk features

8in1 desk features

Charging features

What makes this desk stand out from the other standing desks for me are the built-in charger features. This desk comes with a built-in charger for mobile devices, there are USB-A (18W) and USB-C (45W)  charging ports on which I could manage to get my Xiaomi Redmi Pro 10 to go into the turbocharging mode, which is the fastest mode available. There is also an area of the desk where you can wirelessly charge (10W) your phone. We checked this with a Samsung Galaxy S20 and it worked like a charm.

Control buttons and charging ports

The control buttons, with 4 memory settings and the USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

wireless charging area

Create an uncluttered look with the wireless charging area.

Control Buttons with 4 memory functions

With the control buttons, you can adjust the desk from 60cm all the way to 125cm. To give you an idea I am 1.85m and found the ideal height to be 115cm. Holding down one of the 4 memory buttons will save the height, this way the desk can be shared between multiple people and each can have their preferences saved.

Built-in Drawer

To keep the uncluttered look on your desk the built-in drawer comes in handy to store your keyboard, mouse, mousepad and office stationery. The drawer is wide and deep enough to hold all these items and more.

built in drawer

Powerful Dual Motors and Oval Columns

This desk has a very sturdy frame and powerful dual motors, you can put a payload of 100kg on the desk, this ensures you can have the most demanding setup on the table and it still operates smoothly. The oval columns not only give it a gentle curve aesthetic, like the desk corners, but it also helps to reduce any impact.

Cable Tray

To keep the uncluttered look as well as to make sure the desk operates smoothly there is a large metal cable try where you can put chargers and excess cable away.

cable tray

Bamboo Desktop

The bamboo desktop not only looks good but is also durable, strong and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is also known as a material with strong natural antibacterial properties.

Anti-collision Function

The anti-collision function is especially handy f you have a drawer cabinet under your desk as it prevents any damage to the desk or drawer by detecting collisions before they happen.

anti-collision function

The Desk in Practical Use

At MenStyleFashion we are using standing desks in our office for a while. The Flexispot Q8 is the sturdiest and best-looking desk so far that we have used. It really feels like a premium desk and gives you that uncluttered almost Instagramable office look. The price is more expensive but for those with Apple computers, MacBooks and iPhones this desk will match the premium design you get with those products. If you want to make a statement this is the desk to get.

As for the way it functions, the desk moves fast up and down and the desk heights are aided by the height digits as well as the memory buttons.


  • Desktop material: Bamboo
  • Desktop size: 70cm by 140cm
  • Lifting mechanism: Dual-Motor
  • Height adjustments 60-125cm
  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Height Adjustments: 60-125cm
  • USB ports: Typ A+ Typ C + Wireless Charging
  • Colour options: Black & White
  • RRP – £699.99 / $799.99 / €799,99

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Black Friday Deals

It is that time of the year again for great Black Friday deals and Flexispot has plenty of those. These deals will run from 25 November to 28 November.