Why Colored Diamonds are Manlier than You Think

Don’t let the word “fancy” fool ya…. Because coloured diamonds can also be a man’s best friend. When it comes to price, style and investment potential they are very alluring indeed. They can create a look unlike any other – adding an a little extra pop to your bling. Previously, diamonds were only thought of as a woman’s best friend, but now with all of the options in the marketplace, men are becoming increasingly aware of the fashion and financial benefits that colored diamonds possess.

The Look

Coloured diamonds come in numerous colors from darker tones like black, blue and brown to lighter colors like green, yellow and pink (it’s 2014, get over it) – providing a wide spectrum of colours to compliment the man that is purchasing them. Match a bright colour with your favorite casual outfits for the day, or consider a neutral color such as a light, rich cognac brown (what’s not manly about cognac!) that will go with your more classy attire. Whether you plan on wearing some mind blowing diamond (man)rings or a 4 carat diamond encrusted gold watch, picking the right color will bring out the colors in a tie, a nice dress shirt or other accessories that are being added to your wardrobe.


The Money

Let’s get down to the bottom line. When it comes to coloured diamonds, investment opportunity is high, due to the increasing popularity and the level of rarity beautiful naturally coloured stones. Today, their value is becoming much higher than it has been in the past, allowing for investors, men and women alike to purchase their own diamonds and enjoy the exquisite beauty that they hold – as a tangible investment. With different shapes, colors and sizes, they are able to be mixed and matched.

Place them within a setting of your choice, or keep them as is for a beautiful look and feel. Ranging in price and value depending on the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, each diamond is unique. Men enjoy them for the luxurious, high end appeal that they provide them with and also because they are an ideal addition to a safe or personal deposit box, for later use when the value rises and diamonds are in high demand.


Natural colored diamonds are incredibly rare – way more so than colourless diamonds and therefore can be timeless treasures depending on the stone. Whether you want to flaunt it or gain big bucks from it just remember that they are in some ways a piece of art that has been natural crafted, preserved and then smoothed over by a professional to create a flawless masterpiece. Even if you are a manly man, diamonds can create that sophisticated confidence, style and status that you’re seeking when they are worn…and even when they’re at home locked away in your safe.


The Hunt

Choosing the ideal stone is essential. Just like us men enjoy the rush of hunting down the perfect woman/prey, we also enjoy the challenge of finding the right diamond for us. Perfection within every stone is what is desired. Whether you’re choosing the diamond to wear, to keep as an investment or to give as a gift, diamonds have to first be explored, thoroughly inspected and examined before the purchase.  Investing in the right diamond takes patience, skill, knowledge and time to allow the diamond to gain value, sweep the industry by storm and provide you with additional monetary benefits.

Post contributed by Daniel Moscovitch on behalf of Leibish & Co. – specializing in fancy color diamond jewelry and investments for women…and yes, also men.