KARV – Hand-carved Solutions to Man’s Everyday Needs

KARV – Hand-carved Solutions to Man’s Everyday Needs

KARV – Hand-carved Solutions to Man’s Everyday Needs

KARV offers unique and luxurious accessories for men while providing work to the skilled traditional woodcarvers of the world.

As less-expensive materials and automated production techniques have developed, traditional craftsmen everywhere have seen demand for their services drop precipitously. Many of those artisans who would love to practice their craft for a living, have had to find work outside of their trade of choice to make ends meet.

The way we see it, either we let automated manufacturing and homogeneous design take over, or we stand up with chisels, rough hands, and an eye for detail to create something that’s out of this world.

Be a Trendsetter Today

Just this month KARV took to Kickstarter to launch two new product lines that have already generated quite a buzz in the industry. Take advantage of early adopter savings by backing KARV on Kickstarter now before the opportunity expires!

Featured Products – Hand-Carved Cufflinks
KARV is looking to bring a whole new flavor to the wardrobe essential, offering up wooden cufflinks crafted by hand using hammer and chisel.



KARV is one of the only companies in the world to offer an exclusive line of hand-carved mahogany cufflinks. Each cufflink is meticulously carved from solid mahogany by master wood carvers in Lima, Peru. Cufflinks come carefully secured in a handsome walnut cufflink box with magnetic latch. No expense has been spared in the details of this truly luxurious product. In addition to offering bespoke cufflinks for the discerning man, the KARV cufflink lineup currently includes Lions, Skulls, Bulls, Bears, Knots, and Studs.

The Ultimate Valet


The idea for this piece came as the KARV designers were looking for a way to improve upon ordinary men’s valets. “We wanted to add some style and additional utility to the actual valet, while simplifying its design” says, co-founder, Andrew Sloop. “Also, another goal of ours was to add the element of craftsmanship and sculpture that is absent in a lot of today’s mass-produced furniture.”

So what makes the “Ultimate Valet” so “Ultimate”?

  • Anatomically correct, life-sized shoulders carved by hand from solid walnut. This makes it easy to maintain your suit coat in perfect form. The shoulder size is customizable as well!
  • USB charging port for smartphones. The location of the USB outlet allows for quick and easy access while resting a phone on the accoutrements’ shelf without being visually obtrusive.
  • Heirloom Quality: The valet is made from solid, select-grade American walnut and employs the finest joinery and woodworking techniques.
  • No plywood or veneers are employed anywhere in the construction of the valet.
  • The shoe cabinet is constructed using mortise and tenon joinery with 24 mortise and tenon pairs.
  • The shoulders are carefully sculpted by hand with an emphasis on stability of joinery and aesthetics.
  • 3 coats of hand-applied hard oil finish with a durable polyurethane topcoat.
  • Overall Dimensions: Height (55”), Width (18”), Depth (16.5”)

Contact Our Team

For more information and to inquire about custom orders, visit www.karvluxury.com


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