Why is Microsoft Exam 70-761 Eminent for System Engineers?

Why is Microsoft Exam 70-761 Eminent for System Engineers?

Let’s say you are a system engineer with lots of potentials. You’ve got skills, a prestigious academic background, plus, you’ve got your hungry, restless passion driving you to become the industry’s best. Given these, how do you sell yourself in a picky, changing, and hard-knock playground of IT?

To anyone earnest in becoming a top system engineer, there’s no such thing as settling. Like a high-valued stone, few professionals are always under the process of refining, sculpting, learning, and back again. How do they do it? The resounding answer to that is no other than the aid of a Microsoft certification. In this article, we’ll guide you on the path to becoming certified professional and will disclose the details of one of the most crucial exams, 70-761.

The Enormous Assistance of Microsoft Certifications

Getting associated with a Microsoft certification is a ringing affirmative. Since you’re in a system engineer role, your best choice could be earning the MCSA credential. It completely means Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification and so requires you to have some prior experience as well as gives you professional-level opportunities after completing the exams. Now, have you ever asked yourself what Microsoft-approved system engineers possess that the non-certified lack?

To make a long story short, a certified system engineer is a formidable figure in any growing job market. Securing a pass in Microsoft signifies how successful you’ve fulfilled the standards required by the longstanding and prodigious organization before any other company.

With that in mind, it leaves us to this fundamental question ― how integral is a position like a system engineer?

The Pivotal Function of a System Engineer

Without system engineers, it’s utterly impossible to see through the stages of operation and fruitfully come up with a solution in any business. This group of professionals is keen on securing the blueprint, evaluating systems, and safeguarding its performance and quality. A system engineer experienced in Microsoft carries a sweeping knowledge in SQL and its corresponding domains. Knowing this, the next question may appear in your mind — what MCSA badge to choose to get and validate all these skills? The answer to this is in the next paragraph.

MCSA Certification — Your Noble Achievement

A certification that system engineers often want to qualify for is MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development. Having this at hand enables professionals like you to perform effectively across databases ― may it be cloud-based or on-premises. More so, this accreditation captures the principles aligned in a system engineer profession. Gaining such a credential is already an acknowledgment of your SQL mastery and at the same time a springboard to advanced certification such as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Data Management and Analytics.

The First Certification Requisite in The Name of Exam 70-761

The ticket to the named MCSA certification consists of passing two exams. Test 70-761 (Querying Data with Transact-SQL) acts as the first one while the other is 70-762 (Developing SQL Databases). Your performance in 70-761 dictates whether or not you can qualify for the second assessment.

Exam 70-761 basically tests a candidate’s decision-making, analysis, critical thinking, and overall flair of SQL Server 2016 Transact-SQL. So, here are two main reasons why this exam is strongly recommended for system engineers.

  • Illustrate your skills excellently

The areas tackled in 70-761 exam are far-reaching and will guide you in going in-depth in learning every little important thing circulating Transact-SQL. To surely get ready for this assessment, a portion of your effort must be directed to querying data with advanced Transact-SQL components and managing data with the help of its features.

Finally, you must excel in the fundamentals of database design, along with the technologies, concepts, and programming of a database using Transact-SQL. If you happen to pass exam 70-761, you’ll brand yourself easily with the skills necessary across these areas. And then, when the second exam is also passed and your MCSA certification is ripe for plucking, your reputation as a system engineer will strengthen.

  • Heightened value in any industry

Completing exam 70-761, along with 70-762, signals the flow of opportunities that will come your way. As the scales sway at your favor, you’ll have better chances of immersing in different industries. Software development, civil engineering, and nanotechnology are some of the platforms you can sail on with your MCSA credential.

Although exam 70-761 is mostly suitable for system engineers, it is not concentrated in this position alone. This is open to developers and SQL Server database administrators as well who have at least two years of professional experience.

However, the experience is not enough here because to emerge victorious in the test, you should also be familiar with sphere innovations and revive your theoretical knowledge. This can be achieved through many approaches. But the best possible means of succeeding is with exam dumps. Notice, that only reliable materials of this type can be helpful and that is why we recommend the ones from ExamSnap.com. Read on to know why this platform has gained recognition among exam candidates.

ExamSnap.com As Your Prime Exam Dumps Source

It’s likely that you’ve already eyed other exam dumps providers. However, ExamSnap.com’s materials might just change your mind. For 70-761 candidates, this is a good addition to your study plan. So, what benefits can you get from them?

  • Get the support of experienced exam takers

ExamSnap.com is a destination frequented by both newcomers and old-timers in Microsoft certifications. Here, a pool of knowledge is engraved, screened, and passed onto practitioners of exam 70-761. And you can acquire these extremely useful files with information just for free!

  • Foresee the upcoming exam environment

The files with questions and answers at click here are provided in the vce format. To use them, you should also install the VCE Exam Simulator which animates how the real exam unfolds. Through this, you’ll look forward with confidence in answering each question successfully and you’ll be able to meet the deadline because the feature of time limits is also supported by this software.

  • Obtainexhaustive study materials

Apart from free materials for 70-761, at ExamSnap, you can get a combination of resources named Premium Bundle ($39,97). This set includes the expert-verified dump with actual questions and answers, and ever-reliable study guide, and a training course containing 66 video lectures.


Being a system engineer is already a fine accomplishment. But complementing it with the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development certification resonates better in the industry you wish to be a part of. So, unfold a relevant part of your career development by passing exam 70-761 and use exam dumps for preparation to make this certification journey easy!

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