How to Choose Sustainable Running Shoes That Will Suit Your Style    

How to Choose Sustainable Running Shoes That Will Suit Your Style    

More and more shoe manufacturers are heavily weighing on the impact of their shoe production processes not only on the environment but towards their laborers as well. For this reason, there are already shoe brands that offer sustainable running shoes, which are manufactured with an ecological approach.

This means that these brands take into account the raw materials they use, their production processes, the durability of their product, as well as how their product can be repurposed once it is no longer fit for use. Some use sustainably-sourced wool as the main raw material of their eco friendly shoes, while others leverage on a combination of recycled cork, bamboo, algae foam, and rice rubber. Nevertheless, these brands still manage to deliver running shoes that are not only comfortable but stylish too. If you are in search of sustainable running shoes that will suit your style, below are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Consider the Type of Running that You Do

The first thing that you need to consider in getting a sustainable pair of running shoes is to think about the type of running that you do. For instance, if you opt to run on trails, then you should look for running shoes that are designed to support your feet even on rough terrain. In parallel to this, it will be best for you to analyze your foot strike and determine whether your heel, midfoot, or forefoot touches the ground first. When you know your foot strike, you are more likely to know which type of running shoes you need to go for.

Think About Technical Features

The drop of a shoe is the height difference between the heel and the forefoot of the shoe. If your heel hits the ground first, then you need a pair of running shoes with a standard drop of 7mm. Otherwise, look for running shoes with a low drop.

In terms of cushioning, you need to get a pair that is cushioned amply on the heel if in your foot strike, your foot hits the ground first. While cushioning acts as a shock absorber for your foot as it hits the ground, too much of it can affect your stability. Conversely, a flexible pair of running shoes will allow you to have a better feel of the terrain, but your feet need to be strong enough to withstand it. On the other hand, a rigid shoe would be able to provide more support, especially for larger runners.

Reckon on Your Comfort

Lightweight running shoes can greatly contribute to your speed but it can also compromise your comfort, stability, and protection. If you are fond of running in hot and humid environments, choose a pair of running shoes that are breathable. On the other hand, consider getting a waterproof pair of running shoes if you intend to run rain or shine. Finally, consider the lacing system used in the shoes because contemporary running shoes now feature mechanical lacing that provides constant tightness.


Consider the type of running that you do when you are looking for running shoes. Also think about the technical features of the shoes that may affect your step and running form such as its drop, cushioning, and flexibility. In addition to this, consider your comfort too, as you will already be able to find running shoes that are lightweight, breathable, or waterproof. Finally, make sure that the shoe fits you perfectly since there is a great chance that you will be using the pair you chose for a relatively long time. What’s more, make sure to choose a pair that’s made of eco-friendly materials. Ergo, you’ll not only have a pair of fashionable and comfortable shoes, but you’ll also help the environment and encourage businesses that make products responsibly. Protection Status

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