Gone are the days of engagement rings being worn exclusively by women. As society’s view of gender and sexuality continues to shift, more men, including Ed Sheeran and Michael Bublé, are starting to choose to wear engagement rings as well.

The ring signifies the unity between two people, and it makes sense that both partners may want to wear a one of a kind engagement ring to signify their future union.

As ideals change, so do traditions, and it looks like the meaning and trends behind engagement rings are moving in a more equal, positive direction as more and more people are considering wearing their commitment on their finger.

It’s time to start understanding why men historically haven’t worn engagement rings and why they are starting to now:

The History of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings date back thousands of years. Initially, they symbolized ownership of their wives-to-be. At the time, marriage was, in part, an economic transaction. If a woman could not marry, it’s possible she would have no money. Luckily, the ring also served as insurance for the man to stay in the relationship. If he backed out, the woman would get to keep the ring and do with it what she pleased— including selling it.

The Future of Men & Engagement Rings

In some parts of the world, like Chile, it is actually common practice for men to wear engagement rings, and they wear them on the right hand instead of the left. In the 1920s, the U.S. department store that we now know as Macy’s tried to launch a campaign for engagement rings designed for men; however, it didn’t catch on.

Still, to this day, most men don’t wear engagement rings. A large part of that is because it is not the traditional norm, and many men don’t even consider it an option for them!

At this point, it really comes down to preference and what both people in the relationship want. Engagement rings aren’t exclusive to one gender, and everyone should get the option to wear their love and commitment to their significant other on their hand.

At the end of the day, diamonds can be any person’s best friend and can be a creative way to showcase your love and promise to your loved one.