The first step to proper skin health is being clean, and daily face cleansers are not always sufficient to get rid of all the dirt and toxins your skin absorbs day today. Men actually can benefit from face scrubs even more than women, because they have larger pores, smaller oil glands, and more perspiration. An exfoliant uses a gentle abrasive material to penetrate the dirt stuck within your pores and remove dead skin, giving your face a fresh start. It can treat and prevent acne, combat the effects of ageing, and make shaving a smoother experience. A good exfoliant will also moisturize and nourish your skin. But how do you identify a good exfoliant? Well, this is a great starting point, as this list outlines the top 10 rated men’s face scrubs for a variety of skin types and price ranges.

How often you should exfoliate depends on your skin type and the product you are using. For those with sensitive or dry skin, it isn’t necessary to exfoliate more than once a week, but more oily and durable skin can tolerate an exfoliant multiple times a week or even every other day. Additionally, if your face scrub contains chemical exfoliants such as hydroxy acids, using it too often can actually be harmful, whereas physical exfoliants like pumice are safe to use frequently.


Brickell Mens Renewing Face Scrub for Men

1. Brickell Men’s Products Renewing Face Scrub

Best Value

This all-natural face scrub utilizes jojoba beads to massage the skin and clean out pores. Energizing vitamin E, aloe vera, and avocado butter work to nourish the skin and leave you feeling moisturized and healthy. Brickell takes the top spot with high-quality ingredients at a generously affordable price, in the $12-14 range. The simple formula is effective and suitable for any skin type.

REVITALIZE Detoxifying Face Scrub


2. Profile by Rob Lowe REVITALIZE Detoxifying Face Scrub

Best Anti-Aging Exfoliant

REVITALIZE excels because of the high quality, natural, and effective ingredients. Smooth skin and exfoliation that also combats ageing and boosts moisture. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a premium ingredient well known for exfoliation. Charcoal actively detoxifies to combat the effects of ageing and daily dirt. Other cleansing and nourishing ingredients include yerba mate leaf extract, Australian caviar lime extract, oat extract, bamboo, pumice, and malic acid for vitamin E. The ingredients are Toxic Certified, non-allergen, never tested on animals. It helps produce a smoother shave in the morning, and a youthful glow throughout the day. It also comes in a travel-friendly bottle so you can take your skincare routine anywhere. Reasonably priced compared to other high-performance brands.


Kiehls Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men

3. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Scrub

Best Luxury Face Scrub

At a higher price range, Kiehl’s provides a top-notch energizing formula that acts as morning coffee for your face. Literally, because the active ingredient is caffeine. Remove dead skin and feel nourished with menthol and citrus extracts. This scrub is suitable for dull, dry skin, however, it is a versatile formula that will benefit any skin type. Although it is pricey, Kiehl’s facial fuel is well worth it.


Horace Exfoliant Visage Face Scrub

4. Horace Exfoliant Visage Face Scrub

Best for Sensitive Skin

Horace consistently relies on gentle natural ingredients to please even the most sensitive skin. This exfoliant utilizes Amazonian murumuru seeds to penetrate dirty pores and offer dehydration protection. Vitamin E and malted barley soothe and soften the skin, and there is no added fragrance. For a simple and safe face scrub formula, try Horace.


Bull Dog Skincare for Men Original Face Scrub

5. Bull Dog Skincare for Men Original Face Scrub

Best Low-Cost Option

Bull Dog offers a great quality exfoliant for those not looking to invest a whole lot on their skincare routine. With shea butter, oat kernel meal, and olive seed oil, this versatile formula will clean out your pores and moisturize at the same time. Suitable for the normal skin type, this face scrub does feature a variety of acids and chemical exfoliants, so it is not recommended for sensitive skin.


Acqua Di Parma Collezione Barbiere Facial Cleansing Scrub

6. Acqua Di Parma Barbiere Pumice Face Scrub

Best Fragrant Face Scrub

Acqua Di Parma takes the cake for the most unique face scrub. It relies on pumice granules as the main exfoliant and freshens the skin with sunflower and pumpkin seed oils, as well as rosemary and elderberry extracts. All of this is paired with the beloved Colonia scent to create a beautiful and intriguing formula.


M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub

7. M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub

Best Heavy-Duty Scrub

This intense and effective activated charcoal scrub is sure to cleanse even the toughest skin. Charcoal is known to extract oil and dirt from your pores while leaving a moisturized finish. This face scrub adds dead sea salts in the mix to fight acne and rejuvenate your face. You can also use this scrub anywhere on your body to smoothen up. The only drawback is that it can leave a dark residue from the charcoal that you’ll have to wash off.


UpCircle Face Scrub

8. UpCircle Face Scrub

Best Environmentally Friendly Scrub

For the best “green” face scrub, UpCircle is number one. They use recycled coffee grounds from cafes in London to create face and body scrubs with zero-waste. Coffee grounds are an effective and energizing natural exfoliant, and this herbal blend combines them with tea tree oil, shea butter, thyme, rosemary, and petit grain. This formula is suitable for oily to normal skin types.


Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Skin Brightening Exfoliator

9. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening & Exfoliating Daily Cleanser

Best Every Day Exfoliant

Yes, Kiehl’s made the list twice. Unlike their luxury face scrub, this exfoliating cleanser is designed for use, that’s right, every day. You can even apply it both in the morning and at night before bed. The gentle formula designed to cleanse your face slowly over a long period time makes it great for those with sensitive skin. Pearlstone and white birch extracts lighten your skin tone and remove excess oil.


Haeckel's Seaweed Salicylic Powder Exfoliant

10. Haeckel’s Seaweed + Salicylic Powder Exfoliant

Best Powder Exfoliant

This ingenious face scrub comes in a powder form so you can determine how much you use. Simply add it to your regular face wash to emulsify it or create your own moisturizer for the ultimate DIY exfoliant. If you’re not sure how much to use, the recommended dosage is half a teaspoon twice a week. The salicylic acid is naturally derived from crushed willow bark and paired with tea tree leaves and seaweed, all ingredients indigenous to Margate, the brand’s hometown.