Ensenada is a sunny Mexican seaport located in the Baja California Peninsula and 90 miles south of San Diego. The city has remained a famous destination for many tourists who flock to the Baja to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Thousands of travellers flock to the city to enjoy its sunny coastline while others are attracted by its lively partying vibes every day. There are dozens of amazing things to keep you busy throughout your vacation, from high adrenaline adventures in the bright mountains to strolls down the city’s Malecon region.

An Ensenada cruise is the easiest way to see the fantastic destinations in the region. The cruise takes you through colourful and exciting places where you get to enjoy some of the best memorable experiences. For anyone wondering what to do in Ensenada, here are some of the most outgoing things to keep you engaged

Visit the Regional Historical Museum

The Regional Historical Museum, located on Gastelum street, showcases the history and development of Ensedena from the original people of Baja, California. Initially, the museum served as a detention centre for criminals to be transformed into a government museum.

Historical artefacts, including pipes made of stone, religious objects, and stakes for making fire, are housed in prison cells used primarily to detain prisoners. It would be boring to visit Ensenada and not tour the ancient museum.

Enjoy a Horseback Ride at the Rancho Los Bandidos

The Baja Bandidos horse riding is an incredible experience that you should never miss while in Ensenada. Cruisers are paired with healthy horses for a desert ride according to their experiences. During the tour, visitors get to pass through some of the most fabulous views of Ensenada, including the golden coast, Ensenada bay, and the Salsipuedes bay.

What makes the ride more fascinating is welcoming and friendly guides who are always ready to assist where necessary. At the Rancho Los Bandidos, you will be treated with snacks such as salsa and tacos.

Enjoy a Horseback Ride at the Rancho Los Bandidos

The Caracol Museum

The Caracol museum is found in a distinctive building designed like a ship located between the harbour and the Riviera centre. The modern and innovative museum houses Mexican and Baja scientific and engineering projects that you can look at in Ensenada. Some of the museum’s fascinating exhibits include the Manilla galleon that was shipwrecked off the coast and receding polar ice caps.

Stop by Hussong’s Cantina

There is no trip to Ensenada that would be complete without visiting the historical Hussong’s cantina. The cantina has been in existence for more than a century and is believed to be the margarita’s birthplace. The place is always noisy and busy at all moments.

Thousands of tourists and local people flock to the cantina to taste the famous margarita at affordable prices. On some days, you will find Mexican bands performing live to entertain visitors. It would be best if you toured the area before leaving the city.

El Salto Canyon and Waterfall

The beautiful El Salto Canyon, located on the Ensenada Tijuana highway, offers an amazing tourist scenario. You can take a short and relaxing walk to the canyon base, where you will find beautiful rock formations and seasonal pools. Besides, you can take a more strenuous task to climb over the hill to lead you to an inland land lake where you can carry out fishing and swimming.

El Salto Canyon and Waterfall

El Salto Canyon and Waterfall –  Credit: Wikimedia- Vansuylecom

Visit the Canon De Dona Petra Ecological Park

The Canon De Dona ecological park is one of the most toured places in Ensenada, with hundreds of people visiting the area daily. The park offers an ideal place to relax while watching birds or reading a book while watching the beautiful coastline of Baja California. Besides, the park has a trails network where you can visit for a walk or mountain biking.

Visit the Calle Ruiz and the MacroPlaza del Mar for Your Shopping

Once in Ensenada, you can visit the famous Calle Ruiz shopping street located on the First Street end for your shopping. The street is rich in authentic crafts that are offered at affordable prices. The street mainly offers all sorts of locally made items like wine, wedding dresses, and travel items. For high-end goods, visit the MacroPlaza del Mar for a rewarding experience.