Within the last few years, the vaping industry has skyrocketed in popularity. It began as a way for smokers to quit smoking but it has since developed into a subculture that is popular in many different countries all around the world. As you would expect, this has had an enormous impact on the smoking industry with a significant decline in the number of smokers. This is particularly true in the UK which has reached a low for smokers since records began (1974).

A Change on the Horizon

So, will the popularity of vaping ever overtake regular cigarettes? It seems that this is already the case in markets like the US and the UK where vaping has surged in popularity with places like VIP attracting a large number of smokers trying to quit. This is, in part, due to the fact that it is a safer alternative and many of today’s youth tend to lead a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, various rules and regulations surrounding tobacco have made vaping the better option in these markets.

Smokers Around the World

Despite this, there are still places around the world where smoking numbers remain very high. This includes places like China, India, Russia and Greece and there are places where the number of smokers is increasing. It seems that it is countries with a very high HDI (Human Development Index) are seeing numbers fall.

Young People

The fact that it is young people that tend to prefer vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes means that it is easy to see vaping overtaking smoking in the future. Additionally, smokers are much more likely to vape particularly as more and more research is being carried out which shows that it is a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. When you have lots of people making the switch and then a rise in popularity amongst non-smokers, it means that the tables are turning very quickly.

The Tobacco Industry

This has, understandably, caused some alarm in the tobacco industry. The vaping industry started out being run by small independent companies, but if you dig a little deeper now you will find that many tobacco giants dominate the vaping industry. This is because it has become a multi-billion dollar industry and tobacco companies have used their power to not only take away from the competition but also to continue to grow. This is important because these tobacco companies could use their power to encourage tobacco consumption and to bend regulations to their own advantage.

Vaping is constantly growing in popularity which is accelerated by rules and regulations surrounding smoking tobacco in countries with a high HDI. It is particularly popular amongst youth which means that it is very easy to see it overtaking smoking in the near future despite the fact that there are still many countries around the world with a high number of smokers.