Watch Choices – 3 Examples of Keeping It Simple

Watch Choices – 3 Examples of Keeping It Simple

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The first word that springs to mind when I think of watches is sportsman. Technically, that may be two words but you know what I mean. Sportsmen (overpaid footballers and racing drivers in particular) always seem to wear these gargantuan watches which are more reminiscent of a small plate than anything that tells the time and because of this abhorrent show of wealth, I have always been put off watches.

For me a watch should be refined, they should not be about showing off your wealth, they are about tact, decorum and dignity. There is nothing worse than seeing a man wearing some overblown, jewel encrusted watch upon his wrist. Look at the watches worn by mega-wealthy film stars such as Ryan Gosling and James Dean; or legendary rock stars such as Paul Simonon or Savile Row tailor and one of British most dapper gents, Partick Grant. Not only are these men style icons spanning over fifty years worth of fashion, they also speak volumes by being understated in what they wear and how they wear it. Right down to the watch on their wrist.

Ryan Gosling


James Dean

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Daniel Pryce Photography

Keep Your Watch Simple

Keep your watch simple, after all, a stylish watch is there to tell the time, not take you to the depths of the ocean, advise you of the time in far flung fields or make your dinner.

The face, be it round or rectangular should not take up your entire wrist and need come in any colour, although I suggest classic gold or silver, or black for the more contemporary watch buyer. Much the same can be said for the watch strap, once again it’s all about elegance, keep it simple should be your mantra. Black or brown leather are both great, keep it slim and if you go for links, slender rather than wide is always better and gives the arm a slimmer, more gentlemanly silhouette.

Colour also plays a part, never anything to flash. Maybe the odd striped strap here or there but keep it simple. Likewise for the dial face, keep it clean and easy on the eye. When a passerby asks you for the time, you want to see the numbers or Roman numerals immediately, not stand their trying to fathom out what way up you are actually wearing your watch.

Black or brown Luxury leather watch straps are both great, keep it slim and if you go for links, slender rather than wide is always better and gives the arm a slimmer, more gentlemanly silhouette.

Remember, while fashions fade, style is forever and the same goes for your watch. Let the sportsmen have their bling, their need to show off their bank balance upon their wrist. It’s vulgar and crass and their welcome to have that too.

Here’s just a few timeless watches to whet your appetite. All watches are available from Burns Jewellers

Hugo Boss

Hugo boss watch rouns silver dial brown strap


gucci black watch timeless


skagen watch denmark

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