Xander Zhou – Red Bull Hits The Runway

Xander Zhou – Red Bull Hits The Runway

Red Bull

Xander Zhou is a fashion designer based in Beijing who studied fashion in Holland. His work style is all about restyling silhouettes with seemingly conflicting elements, which reflect his sense of balance in fashion. So when I was invited to Xander Zhou in June, I was doing backflips when I saw who his sponsor was, Red Bull.

If there one brand that I have a lot of respect for regarding opportunities in business, then its Red Bull.

Why is Red Bull choosing to embrace men’s fashion? For me, it makes perfect sense, and it’s why I started SportStyleFashion. For the simple reason; it’s through epic sports stars we can reach a new audience when is comes to Men Style & Fashion. I warn you this is just the beginning for Red Bull and fashion because when they choose to hit the runway you know it can only get more extreme.

Gracie Opulanza Is The Red Bull of Fashion

My name is Gracie Opulanza I am rather unique in the world of men’s fashion. I am one of only a handful of female commentators,  who works as editor-in-chief/co-founder of MenStyleFashion and SportStyleFashion. Which has put me at the forefront of digital media. In fact, they call me Grace The Red Bull of Fashion. For the simple reason is that I am an opportunist and a visionary of where I feel fashion for men should be heading. From Oscar winners, Movie Stars, World and Olympic Sports Champions to Fashion Designers and Models, I have the skill, empathy and wit to successfully produce excellent reportage for all situations. From directed studio interviews to impromptu commentaries, my quirky and direct approach to interviewing captivates and amuses my subjects. Red Bull, it’s time we connect.


Greg Minnaar – 3 Times World Champion Down Hill Mountain Biker with Gracie Opulanza

Maria Scard takes you backstage at the Xander Zhou catwalk.  We take you to the catwalk in an extremely innovative way. Enjoy!

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