Winter Jackets For Men – 5 Winter Coats You Should Own

Winter Jackets For Men – 5 Winter Coats You Should Own

Dior Homme Duffel coat black

Winter Jackets For Men

Whether (Weather) we like to or not winter is settling in? So what coats are you wanting to rug yourself into this coming winter? Keep it stylish, keep it dark and keep it simple. Investing in a few coats may seem excessive but winter blues will get to you. So re-vamping your wardrobe and your style will certainly be great for those winter moods swings. I find men always go for big coats so they can put as many thick pieces of clothing underneath it. I call this chunky fat syndrome. Those days are gone. Layering is the key here. Let’s face it how many of us are running around the Antarctic. We all use public transport and on any given day are mainly under cover most of the time. So you need coats that will balance your body type and not make you look like puff daddy gone wrong.

Layering Learn The Art

Nothing worse sweating under a pile of thick sweaters. Go for shirts, then a thin sweater or a vest or the epic turtle neck. Three piece suits don’t need anything more but an effective warm jacket. So choose a nice duffel coat. Now where a lot of guys go wrong is if you are short and stumpy the length of your coat is crucial. Nothing worse seeing a short guy with a super long coat. You need to go for coats that stop at the waist if not just covering your butt. Super long coats belong to very tall men. Hence the duffel coat is your best friend.

Quilted jackets are perfect for that layering effect. They are not for super cold days but a good stop gap between those warmer days. They are great if you are driving to the office and barely see the day light. Don’t forget to accessorise it with a scarf, a nice balance and also it keeps your neck warm. You will be amazed what a scarf can do and how it can make you feel hot.

Brunello Cucinelli Pitti Uomo Fall Winter 2013-4


Hats, scarves and gloves are essential. They just give it an overall complete look. Go for dark similar contrasting colours. Brighten up your day with your shirt and tie instead. Always exciting to ponder what is under a man coat. Keep us in anticipation you never know where it may lead to.

Hooded Coats & Padded Jackets

Perfect if you have to walk outside a lot to work. Again these jackets can look wrong if you don’t understand your length. If you are Mr Tonk steer clear, unless you want to be known for being Buzz Lightyear. Go for darker colours unless your out on the slopes skiing. Tweed is a nice fabric for business wear in this style. I would not wear these coats if you are a lawyer, banker or in super high end jobs. They seem more for the casual side of work or weekend coats.

Moncler navy blue padded-jacket

Moncler Down Men Coats Blue with hood

Moncler Down Men Coats Blue padded-jacket

paisley pink tie and tweed winter

Learn the art of layering


Moncler polyamide fibers tweed padded jacket

Shearling Coats

Now these can be damn right nasty if worn to big, and the design is dated. I adore the images below because it states class with out you looking like a sheep. I find the less expensive labels make these jackets look cheap and horrible. So make the investment if this is what you are after. I would not go for these jackets if you are on the plus size. They make you look huge. Stick to the quilted jackets or duffel coats instead. Shearling jackets for me should be worn on a night out or dare I say it. If you want to be seen as the stylish rider.

Burberry sport collection shearling quilted bomber jacket

Shearling Leather Jacket black collar


Burberry Shearling Bomber Jacket Brown Leather

Duffel Coats

Fur blue Duffel coat with fur collar

Perfect for shorter guys

Quilted Jackets

dsquared brown quilted leather bomber jacket for men

Nachtblau Quilted Jacket with tweed scarf


Quilted Brown Mens Jacket

Dark Navy blue quilted jacket with scarf

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