ZV2 Day and Night Serum For Men Reviewed

ZV2 Day and Night Serum For Men Reviewed

The male beauty market is a growing business with a fast array of products in the market and new ones coming. I myself do not consider myself a massive male groomer, I use the bare minimum in products for my skin, mainly an aftershave balm that I would apply after my wet shave. I am notoriously lazy when it comes to shaving so that is something I only do once a week. Therefore my skin hardly receives any treatment. On very sunny days I slap on sunscreen to prevent being burned, and that is really it. So is there a skin product out there for lazy people like me, without having to spend 5-10 minutes daily? I was surprised when I got contacted by ZV2 to see if I could its Day and Night serum product. ZV2 claimed all I had to do was spray it on my face, something that would take 5-10 seconds maximum. I agreed that I would review the serums.

ZV2 - Serum skin care range for men (2)

One week later the two serums arrived via the post. The bottles came in two colours, a black one for use at night and a white one for use during the day. The instructions are simple you spray the day serum in the morning and the night serum before you go to sleep. There is no need to rub it, just spray it on your face, it could not be any easier.

ZV2 Night Serum

The night serum is developed with skin nourishing and regeneration in mind. Just like we do when we are sleep and are regenerating our bodies for the next day. One of the key ingredients in the night serum is DermCom. DermCom is based on an extract of the Crocus Chrysanthus bulb. When applied on the skin it reverses the aging process by stimulating the communication between skin cells. It boost the collagen and elastin production, rejuvenates the skin texture, and reduce the signs of aging.

The second ingredient in the night serum is one that stimulates the synthesis of Androstadienone. When I looked up what this Androstadienone was, I read that it is used to increase sexual attraction. Wow this Night Serum is truly multi functional. Marine active ingredients are being used in this serum to help moisturise and freshen the skin through normalisation and self regulation of the epidermal cell mechanisms. A cocktail of amino acids, vitamins and prebiotics finishes of the process of leaving your skin soothed, moisturised, nourished and energised.

ZV2 Day Serum

The ingrediants in the Day Serum are formulated to help a man’s skin recover from constant shaving. They soothe and calm sensitivity and redness whilst moistening and protecting.  The ingredient to promote the synthesis of Androstadienone is again present, which will also result in increased sexual attraction during the day. The rest of the cocktail of ingredients is there to leave the skin feeling firm and smooth, reduce under-eye dark circles and puffiness, and reduce the effects of stress and fatigue. This leaves your skin energised and radiant. To finish it of the day serum protects your skin against the stresses of the environment.


So what is the result after 2 weeks of use. I think the anti aging effect, or the slowing down of these effects are harder to measure on such a short time frame. My skin did feel more soft and moisturised but the biggest effect was that I felt less tired and more energised, I never thought a beauty product could do that to you. So will I continue to use this product? Yes I would the first signs are great and the easiness of applying it makes a great product.

Where to buy

ZV2 Day and night serum is available online at ZV2.co.uk


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