Blue Blazers for Men – Are you Feeling Blue?

blue blazers for men 2013

Blue Blazers

Well you know when David Beckham comes out literally running in a blue blazer. It’s a style and colour you need to mess about with. He makes it look so effortless especially running with his hands in his pocket.

The question right now to ask  you guys? Are you feeling Blue? Blue is a perfect transitional colour between seasons, it suits nearly all men, whether the sun is shining or not. This nautical colour remains the most powerful  colour for years gone and years to come. The following guys show you how the powerful blue blazer should, could and has to be worn right now. If a blazer is not your thing then invest in the edgy blue vest or a quilted jacket.

Blue – It Is In Our Genes

In a study done by New Castle University, when given mixed colours to choose from, the male population of the study showed a wide preference for colour blends. But when the women were asked to choose from mixed colours, they tended to prefer colours that moved away from blue and toward the red end of the spectrum, where shades like pinks and lilacs are found. The scientists concluded that the long-held distinction of colour preferences among genders had a real basis.

But why? Couldn’t these results be due to the participants being raised in a culture where blue is for boys and pink for girls? In other words, couldn’t the color preferences be learned rather than innate — something we’re born with. This lends support to the notion that colour preferences among the sexes have a biological basis rather than a cultural one. The researchers hope to support this conclusion with a revised version of the test modified for infants. A very young child, the scientists reason, hasn’t yet had a chance to be socialised into a gender role by society. Therefore, any colour preferences displayed by babies would have to be innate.

But the question remains — why is there a distinction between males and females regarding colour preferences? Doctors Hurlbert and Ling suggest that the reason is found in humanity’s distant past. Follow this link to find out how the origins of our color preferences might be found on the African savannah.


For me as you can see below blue can be worn with most colours. But for this spring summer get yourself some white jeans. Be inspired and gentleman run to the colour blue. Because you were genetically destined to wear it.

David Beckham - Velvet blue Blazer 2013

Run David because blue is made for you


David Gandy - Blue vest for 2013

A blue vest always look great over a shirt let alone under a blazer


Manuel Vanni - windowpane coat

Manuel Vanni what a fab vest


Ralph Lauren - blue suits 2013

Ralph Lauren


blue shirts and jeans for men 2013


Ted Baker Spring Blazer for men 2013 blue

Ted Baker – Spring Blazer


Quilted navy blue jacket spring 2013

Quilted Navy blue jackets are a great alternative this year


Blue jacket with red cardigan


blue blazer and blue vest


blue blazer and white jeans


blue blazer spring 2013


Blue jacket spring


blue suit for spring 2013


blue trench coat for 2013

Loving this trench coat


Dark Blue Blazer for Men


Ben Hill Massimo Dutti royal blue

Massimo Dutti does great blue blazers all year round

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