Bomber Jackets for Men – Quilt, Floral & Leather

Bomber Jackets for Men – Quilt, Floral & Leather

Usher - black quilted bomber jacket 2013

Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket has and will always be a staple piece of clothing in most men’s wardrobes. However this spring summer it’s taken a unique twist. Its re-vamped design has taken this once universal style into floral heaven. The prints, style and design state a funky edge for men. What’s so cool about a bomber jacket is it can be worn with any type of trousers. If it’s anyone that can rock a bomber jacket we all agree it’s Usher.

Versatilty and Style

This jacket is the perfect intermittent style of clothing for men. At the moment the  temperature is ranging from anything to luke warm to a nice spring day. The bomber jacket keeps you warm and completes your everyday wear. Most bomber jackets are being styled with jeans, shorts, casual pants and dressier trousers. These are natural pairings that work well. It’s not too heavy in looks and gives a nice look to a man’s figure. A bomber jacket is great for travelling especially when browsing at any airport.

How to Rock the Bomber Jacket

  1. The bomber jacket unzipped creates an attractive and often slimming vertical line down the front of the body.
  2. Don’t forget to scrunch the sleeves for extra structure. Showcasing forearm skin adds a tailored effect to your outfit.
  3. By all means embrace pattern mix fabrics with your bomber jacket

For street style inspiration, check out the following images.

Etro bomber jacket - African prints for men 2013

Etro Bomber Jacket


bomber jacket - Alexander Mcqueen for men 2013 spring yellow

Alexander Mcqueen Bomber Jacket




Bomber Jacket - men 2013 Balenciaga floral

Balenciaga Bomber Jacket


bomber jacket - quilt navy blue for men 2013

Usher wearing a quilted bomber jacket 2013

Usher sporting a quilted bomber jacket

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