Colour Tips – Purple Green & Pink

If you’re confused from sartorial overload with more clothes than data on a macbook pro, ask yourself one question: Do I really need all this? For most gentlemen the answer is a resounding no! Designer Tom Ford once said: ¨Men don’t need lots of options, they just need the right options.¨  This is as true now as it was several seasons ago and indeed for as long as gentlemen have been brandishing there walking canes along Piccadilly.

Although many men could easily manage with a capsule wardrobe of around 20 items, the main difficulty we face is having a gut instinct about using color in our day-to-day wearables. The holy trinity of navy, black and grey teamed with classic white are well known, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and just free fall into the wide bold yonder of hues and bolder tones. Here’s the first part of a two part guiding you through using color all the year round.

Purple  Color Application

Pair with: Blue, violet, mauve (Easy Peasey)

Contrast with: Green and Red (Harder with head scratching required)

Compliment with: Yellow (Hardest may encourage hair loss)

Classic: Navy, grey, white and beige (You know it makes sense Rodney)

Now although we all secretly aspire to look like Greek gods, the ancients associated purple with richness and aesthetic beauty. Purple can look classy on other guys so frequently we give it a go ourselves but can get it wrong. The trick is to use it sparingly as an accent with grey, blue shades and beige.

In the summer months using shades that are brighter or darker than normal such as magenta and if you have olive or medium skin, you will find purple works well with your natural flesh tones. Neutral colored suits teamed with pocket squares and ties in various shades of purple work really well. Try a purple shirt with blue suits or contrasting with chinos and a blue blazer.

Green  Color Application

Pair with: Yellow, green and blue greens (Easy peasey)

Contrast with: Violets and Reds (Harder head scratching required)

Compliment with: Mauve pink (Hair restorer moment)

Classic: Blue, white and grey (Nice one Rodney)

Pantone making such a shade ‘The color of the year’ is really a most inspired choice .Its traditionally thought of as a very male color with khaki in abundance from camping to haut coterie and experimenting with green can enhance your wardrobe and can be paired with white, blue and grey safely. The classic military look can be civilian-ised with brown and mustard subtle accessories. Classic shades of green are fine but again you need to consider skin tone. The pale and interesting among you should stay with deeper greens but olive and darker skinned Latino types can benefit from the whole gamut of shades from jade to bottle green.

Pink  Color Application

Pair with: Mauve and Red (Easy Peasey)

Contrast with: Yellow greens, blue, violet (Comb over time)

Compliment with: Blue green (Time for a wig)

Classic: Beige, browns, white and dark blue and green.

If the thought of using pink makes you feel like a deer caught in the headlights, well think again. Take consolation that for several hundred years the aristocracy of Europe associated the color with success and masculinity. Its only in the last hundred years or so pink came to be associated with femininity and delicacy. Pink as a subtle accessory works really beautifully with a wide range of colors including our holy trinity of blue, black and grey and be fearless using it in moderation with browns khaki and shades of darker green.

Juggling and alternating pink as both major and minor accessory e.g. as an Oxford shirt with cool designer jeans, classic tie and blue/brown tweed blazer will contrast your individual hues beautifully and pink accessories such as socks, shorts and even chinos can make your summer go with a smile. Embrace the colors and use them to your advantage.

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