Airport Fashion – What To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Airport Fashion – What To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

St Pancras London- French Traveller

Airport Fashion

From France to Barcelona to London we are noticing a chic travel trend. I have to say the men were rocking it at each airport. It was nice to see men making a great effort in their travel attire. So what key pieces am I noticing men wearing for 2013? What comfortable travel essentials are men seeking after? First of all what’s the point spending all that cash on clothes. If you can’t show your international counter parts what sense of style you are all about.

Mans Bag

A mans bag is a must now. It’s perfect to keep all your important documents in a safe place, meaning with you. Do you know how many men I see running around at the airport because they have left their passport, phone or wallet some where at the bar? Keep your mansbag small so you then can put it in your hand luggage once your on the plane. Easy to find later.


These suitcases feel and look great. You can push along so easily, infact running with them as well. But they are so light and you can store so much in them.  I adore the height-adjustable packing dividers. They make it easy to secure items in place and prevent them from getting creased. The hand-luggage has amazing storage and the concept is all about practicality and perfect for any man wanting to step out in travel style.


There are immense options now. However for spring summer either a blazer, trench or jean jacket with pockets are so versatile and can be used through out the day till the sun rises. G-star RAW and Diesel Denim have a huge variety of jackets this summer. As for your blazer TOPMAN or ZARA should sort you out here. If you are careful and responsible with your clothes then spend the cash. But don’t if you manage to ruin your jackets or lose it on your travels.


Always essential to pack at least three. Go for a dark and light denim. Nice variety for day and night outings. I find sometimes take some old denim trousers and you know how it is when travelling. You get caught up in the buying spirit. So a perfect opportunity to ditch your well worn jeans for a nice updated pair. Your third pair could be perfect when cuffed nice summer look for wherever you are heading.


ZARA  have a great choice at the moment. So experiment with what look good on your legs. Some men look good with long short some look better with super short. Go for a linen pair, denim and cotton. So each day is a new refreshing look. Don’t be afraid of floral either. Summer is all about fun, free and a party spirit.

Shirts and T-shirts

I would pack at least five of each. Again once on holiday you may find you will ditch the old shirts for something up beat and new. T-shirts use is only for during the day. Your shorts are great for evening parties. They look good with chinos,jeans and shorts. Have at least one plain shirt. Make sure they match your bottom half.


Boat shoes are perfect for summer great with trousers and shorts. Make sure your flip flops are up to trend. You should buy news ones every year. Sandals, it makes my blood boil how many men still wear sock with sandals. DON’T. Common guys sort it out. For night shoes loafers wearing them sock less are so nice and smart.


Bradley Cooper – RIMOWA suitcase


Ryan Gosling- RIMOWA suitcase luggage 

Boat shoes for men - Orange Suede

Suedes Braids & Knitted Ties

Tassel brogues shoes for men 2013

Men's Sandals - beige 2013

Denim-Jackets for Men 2013 Airport Fashion

Louis Vuitton 2013 - Mansbag


Louis Vuitton 2013 - Watches

Ariston Napoli cotton wool jacke

Boat Shoes for men 2013

Green Linen Unconstructed Blazer

Airport Fashion What to pack for summer

Coming from France how great did he look

TWEEN - Linen suits 2013

Barcelona – wearing TWEEN

Trainers for men 2013 - Travel

Summer Boots for Men 2013

Beige trench coat for men - travel wear


Hats for Travel - Men 2013


Travel bag - for men 2013

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