Johnny Depp – He Knows How to Dress

Johnny Depp wearing a neck tie

Johnny Depp has his own distinct image and follows no trends. Johnny is true till himself when it comes to style and fashion. Let’s take a detailed look at his core style trends he has stuck to over the years.

Johnny Depp Style

  1. Hats – Johnny Depp loves to wear many hats but you see him mainly wearing the trilby and the fedora.
  2. Necklace- He favours, tribal, worldly traveler accessories for example long silver chains and tiger tooth.
  3. Bracelets – Loves brown leather wristband on his right wrist. Wears numerous beaded bracelets on his left wrist.
  4. Bandana – Still embraces a sweat band on his wrist. Occasionally has the bandana sticking out from his jean pockets.
  5. Rings –  Skull ring every single time.
  6. Tattoos – he has loads, it’s all about personal taste.
  7. Jeans – Never too dark
  8. Boots –  Always black, grungy and not too large.
  9. Beard, Goaty, Moustache – depends what image he is feeling at the time.
  10. Eyewear – Round sunglasses with various tints colours.
  11. Bodywear – Slim, t-shirts mainly brown or grey teamed with scarves.
  12. Body – Gym will sort that out


Johnny Depp lover of hats and scarves

Uses scarves at any given moment

CFDA awards 2012  Johnny Depp - wearing three piece suit and round glasses

CFDA Awards 2012

Johnny Depp master of long hair

Master of long hair

johnny depp 2012 three pieces suit plus round eyewear

Master of the suit wear and eyewear

johnny depp style practical tips - how to get his look

Not afraid of colour

johnny depp  wearing leather bracelets showing his tattoos

Johnny Depp always wears leather bracelets

Johnny Depp Skull Rings on both hands

Loves his skull rings

Johnny Depp and his hat collection

Adores his FEDORA hats

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