10 Accessories Every Stylish Man Needs in 2020

10 Accessories Every Stylish Man Needs in 2020

As a gentleman, there are numerous accessories that you must have in your closet. What’s in your closet should reflect the kind of man you are, as well as your work ethics. Whether you love wearing a suit, prefer to keep things casual, or enjoy sports gear, your closet content separates real men from the rest.

To elevate your outfits and turn heads for all the right reasons, here are ten accessories that every stylish man should have this year.


No matter what kind of watch you wear, this must-have accessory will show that you’re organized and responsible. A wristwatch also makes you appear reliable and showcases you as a man who values both his time and money. Whether you’re heading to a job interview, first date, or business meeting, a wristwatch will show that you have excellent time management skills. Regardless of budget, you’re sure to find a watch that reflects your style and finances.

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A Tie

Every stylish man’s closet should have a tie. If you have a passion for fashion, you’ll likely have several ties in your closet that can be used for different occasions. When picking an outfit for the day, the color and style of your tie can say a lot about your look. When shopping for a tie, it’s advised to avoid low-quality and cheap ties as they can have a knock-on effect on your whole outfit, making it look cheap. To inject a bit of humor into your look, there are ties with funky patterns that you can choose from. For your overall look to match, the color of your tie needs to pair well with your clothing.

tie for men


While it may be an obvious accessory, a good quality wallet defines a man. There are many kinds of wallets out there to pick from, with the most popular choice being leather. Your wallet makes sure that any money, credit cards, and identification documents are kept safe and secure. If you don’t have a good wallet, it’s easier to lose credit cards and money. So, setting some money aside and investing it in a good wallet can elevate your look. Storing all your necessities in one convenient location will mean you can access them as and when you need them while on the go.



Another popular accessory that all stylish men should have in their closet is a necklace. Not only can a necklace make you look more attractive, but it can also exude a masculine appeal and make a statement. Many people also wear necklaces for religious reasons. Just like with a ring or necktie, a good necklace is a must-have for a well-dressed man. If you are after a silver dog tag necklace, Stephen David Leonard sells a range of customized necklaces that can add a sentimental touch. Stephen David Leonard also sells rings and gift sets that can be great presents for you or your loved ones. Necklaces also showcase deeper symbolic meanings that reflect status and wealth.



With fall now in fruition and winter on the horizon, keeping warm and cozy while you’re out and about is essential. Whether you’re heading to the office, grocery store, or going for a stroll around the neighborhood, every stylish man will understand the importance of having a scarf in their closet. There are many reasons why you should start wearing scarves. Not only are they a great fashion accessory, but scarves can provide relief from neck pain, keep you warm, and protect your skin. While some men believe that scarfs are for women, there are many stylish men’s scarves that can be teamed with a pea coat or casual jacket, helping to keep you warm and comfortable.



Nothing enhances an outfit better than a good quality briefcase. If you’re a business owner or in a managerial role, looking and feeling the part is key for boosting productivity and efficiency levels. If you work in a bustling city and must take public transport, your briefcase can be used to store work necessities like your smartphone, laptop, and even reusable coffee cups. It’s best to stick with the traditional options and purchase a leather briefcase that has the ability to complete any professional look with class and style. Leather is resilient and long-lasting, meaning you will get many years out of your briefcase.



A man’s closet should have a variety of nice socks. Many men don’t understand the importance and how they can finish your look, but when sitting down, your trousers may rise at the ankle, exposing your socks. So, if you’re at a business conference or meeting clients, you need to wear a pair of socks that exude confidence. When purchasing socks, make sure you opt for a variety of colors and patterns. Doing so will mean you will always have a pair ready to put on for any occasion.


A Belt

Every stylish man needs to invest in a nice belt. A good-quality belt will improve your overall appearance and outlook as a man. If you’re wearing a suit and your trousers have belt loops, it’s advised that you wear a belt with them, as without it, it may look like something important is missing from your trousers. Make sure that you have a variety of colored belts that can be worn for business and pleasure. Regarding fabrics and materials, you should opt for leather belts that are durable and long-lasting. If you purchase a high-quality belt, it can last you years and even decades. While a belt is primarily used for practical purposes, they can be a great fashion accessory to complete your look.



Whether you’re off to work, attending a wedding, or a swanky corporate event, cufflinks are a must-have accessory that you should have in your closet. When wearing cuff links, others will see what kind of message you want to portray. Cufflinks are worn by men who mean serious business. In addition to cufflinks, you can purchase a men’s cuff bracelet that will bring the right attention to your hands and wrists. If you’re a business owner, cufflinks help elevate your status and show your employees who is boss. For those who love fashion, you will understand the importance of taking pride in your appearance. So, wearing accessories like cuff links will show that you care about your look.



While temperatures may have begun to drop and colder weather is now the norm, that’s not to say you shouldn’t prepare for the spring and summer months. A pair of sunglasses will not only provide protection against harmful UV light and sun rays, but they are the perfect accessory to add style and class to any outfit. Wearing sunglasses in the fall and winter months can provide all sorts of benefits, such as stopping your eyes from drying out by working as a shield against the harsh winds outside.

No matter how fashion-forward you are, all the accessories above are must-haves in every man’s closet. Whether you’re after a watch to complement your look, or a briefcase to take to the office, kitting your closet out with the latest accessories will show that you mean business and keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends.


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