Minimum Squared Wallet Review

Minimum Squared Wallet Review

A wallet is probably the only accessories we use without consistently day after day, month after month, even year after year without any consideration of season, time or mood you are. Nevertheless its design doesn’t seem to change and improve with time. Big wallets that don’t fit or only with difficulty fit in the pockets are the majority around and those who seek the minimalist versions have to sacrifice storage capacity and have to fold the bills more than once to fit them inside.

This is where Minimum Squared has found a way to efficiently store your most used wallet items into one small and ultra convenient wallet.

The result is a wallet with 4 pockets that fit up to 10 cards and a slot where most of the international currencies can be placed without the need of previous folding. The wallet has been designed to fit some of the biggest (in size) currencies in use, i.e. the 500 Euro note (160 x 82mm/ 6.30 x 3.23in) and the 50 pound sterling note (156 x 85mm / 6.14 x 3.35in). The wallet size (filled with 10 cards) is approximately 92x65x15mm /3.6×2.56×0.59in.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

The cards are organized inside the wallet in a way that once it’s closed the cards are stacked as in a credit card holder but are placed in 4 pockets. The closing method is a flat braided elastic that comes in various other colors .

Finally the last and most difficult requirement was to come up with a design that used the minimum number of constructive elements possible. This is achieved by folding a single pattern of leather several times in a way that the aforementioned 4 pockets and slot for currency are created. This patented pattern with pockets and slot is folded and then hand stitched with a single waxed linen thread for better durability in their small atelier in Spain.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

Today I’m going to review their Tan Brown Leather Wallet with Dark Blue Thread on 5 aspects.


You’ll find that how a product is wrapped and delivered to you makes a hell of a difference to how you perceive the product inside. I think that when you see effort has been put into the box or packaging, you’re far more likely to treat the item with more respect and care.

When the wallet was delivered, I was greeted by a small brown, hand-closed box as seen below.

Minimum Squared MenStyleFashion Review

Upon opening the box, I see text written to explain the origins of the wallet which reads:

” The wallet that you now hold in your hands is made in our small atelier in Spain, where a precision laser cut single piece of high quality leather is folder several times and then hand stitched with premium waxed linen thread manufactured in France. 

The leather we use comes from a small family owned tannery in England, applying a traditional tannage technique that uses only materials or pure vegetable origin.

You can place up to 10 cards in the 4 pockets available. There is also place for most of the international currency notes without the need of previous folding.

Hope you like our design. Enjoy it.”

The wallet fit like a glove in the box and with a simple pinch of the elastic, I pulled the wallet out.



If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that when it comes to choosing a leather product, I almost always choose brown. So, again, I chose the Brown Leather option for this wallet. Of course, if you wanted, you could choose from their array of other leather colors (seen below) but the brown suited me just fine.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

I also opted to have a dark blue/Navy stitching and elastic band as I feel it compliments the brown really well. Something I really enjoy about this wallet is its rustic look. I like that its one piece of leather folded and stitched and held together by a strap. Something about it feels very modern but medieval at the same time. I also enjoy the imprinted logo on the bottom.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

Something that very worthy of mention is the size of the wallet. I have provided the dimensions in a previous paragraph but I wanted to offer my opinion on the size by the way it feels in the hand and in the pocket. In the hand, the wallet is just the right size. If you could imaging walking around with your current wallet in your hand, you’d feel a bit weird. The wallet would be to fat, or too large to feel normals walking around with it, right? If you were to walk around with the Minimum Squared wallet in your hands, it would feel, well… normal!

Material Quality

Quality is something that people experience in different ways. For me, if I’m getting a leather product I want the leather smell oozing from it. I want to experience the leather with every sense possible. With this wallet, the leather smell is faint but present on the outside and powerful once you open it up.

To the touch, the wallet is silky smooth and valuable. It almost feels like I’ve had and used the wallet for years already.

Ease of Use

Having used the wallet as my primary wallet for the last few days, I’ve discovered to ways to use the wallet according to your preference. One is more convenient that the other (in my opinion).

The two options you have are in the folding of the wallet. You can either fold the wallet so you have the flap in, or out. If you opt for the flap in, you’ll have to lift and open the wallet with the elastic band. If you fold it so the flap is displayed on the outside, you can open the wallet by simply lifting the flap. This way, the wallet ‘pops’ open and you have immediate access.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

Flap Inside

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

Flap Outside

To close the wallet securely, either fold so the flap is in or out depending on your preference. Pull the elastic band over to secure and you’re good to go.


As you’ve read before, this wallet claims to hold pretty much all currency notes and up to 10 cards in it 4 pockets. While I believe this is true, I won’t be packing 10 cards into it. For me, I use the wallet to hold my money (notes) and 4 cards only. This way, the wallet remains super thin, ultra light and the leather with stay in great condition for longer.

Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review Minimum-Squared MenStyleFashion Review

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