When it comes to fashion brands on Instagram, it is a fast-growing and competitive world. Fashion brands are one of the most prominent industries on Instagram and are way ahead of many other brands in terms of engagement and interactions. Famous fashion brands receive an average of more than 15K likes and 100 comments per post.

Over one-third of Instagram users have purchased items from popular fashion stores due to their high engagement rate. The question now is: how do fashion brands get noticed, boost engagement and drive sales to themselves despite the fast-growing competitive world of Instagram?

This article contains ten bright ideas for fashion brands that want to grow their engagement rate and ultimately increase their sales on Instagram. There are websites that can boost your profile and help it stand out with Social up service. Let’s get started to see what you should do and what helpful sources to use.

What Does Engagement on Instagram Mean?

Engagement on Instagram is the level of social involvement or interaction on the platform. It shows acknowledgement, having a conversation, and making contributions on Instagram through likes, comments, shares, or views.

Why is Engagement so Important on Instagram?

Acquiring high engagement on Instagram is vital for the following reasons:

  • Broader reach: Engagement is a critical metric the Instagram algorithm uses to determine if a post deserves a wider reach or not.  Acquiring high engagement on a post tells the Instagram algorithm how useful the post is and why it deserves to be seen by more people.

By increasing the reach of posts, brands can get their products out to be seen by a wider audience, increasing their sales.

  • Establish authority: As social proofs, a high engagement rate helps brands establish themselves as voices that can be reckoned with in their fields.
  • Build trust:  Brands with high engagement rates tend to acquire a higher level of trust in the minds of their followers, prospective customers, and customers. High engagement rates tell users that the brands have a community of loyal fans who trust and believe them, thereby establishing the belief that doing business is safe with them.

Ways to Grow your Engagement as a Fashion Brand on Instagram

Below are ten simple and effective strategies for fashion brands who want to grow their engagement rate and reach their sales goals on Instagram.

Post High-Quality Contents

Posting high-quality content is essential to generate a high engagement rate on Instagram. High-quality contents take three forms, which are:

  • High-resolution images: Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, brands must post clear, quality pictures that would appeal to and capture their users’ attention.
  • Storytelling: Fashion brands can boost engagement by ensuring that each fashion item they post tells a story. For example, instead of posting a plain picture of a gown, they can post a picture of a woman wearing a gown to a date.
Fashion Store

The difference is that the latter tells a relatable story, which would appeal to their audience and compel them to engage with the post.

  • Unified theme: Although there are different and separate fashion items on the Instagram feed, adopting a single theme can create unity on the feed, which portrays organization and professionalism.

Post at the Right Time

Fashion brands need to post actively on their Instagram feed and stories and ensure that they post at the right time – which is simply the period most of their audience is online and active on Instagram.

This can be done by studying Instagram insights. Instagram insights is a native analytics tool for business accounts on Instagram. It provides followers’ statistics and actions such as the different periods users are most active, their engagement rate, and more.

By monitoring Instagram insights, fashion brands can know when their audience is most active and post during these times, thereby increasing their engagement and providing a wider reach.

Relevant Hashtag Usage

Fashion brands need to implement hashtags relevant to the fashion industry. Hashtags are an effective way to reach billions of people worldwide, and making productive use of them can help boost the right engagement. However, using comprehensive and generic hashtags won’t do the work. Therefore, fashion brands must use hashtags relevant to the fashion industry and narrow to specific details.

For example, the hashtag #fashion has over 900 million posts. Inculcating this hashtag would not provide the required engagement and reach as over 900 million posts are competing for the same engagement. However, using a narrowed and streamlined hashtag like #fashionbagsshop would create the needed engagement due to less competition.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a social media strategy that involves the endorsement of products and brands by influencers. Influencers have established authority and have garnered social influence on social media, and can influence the decisions of their fans and supporters.

Influencer marketing has been highly effective in the promotion of brands in the fashion industry. Influencers have established relationships and trust with their followers, so it is really easy to influence their decisions.

Therefore, partnering with influencers that are in line with fashion and lifestyle can provide fashion brands with an increased reach and high engagement rate.

Effective Use of C.T.A

C.T.A, also known as a call to action, is an effective way to tell an audience what to do next.  

C.T.A’s can be in the form of a question or a request. The form a C.T.A takes is completely dependent on the action in question.

To grow engagement on Instagram, fashion brands can maximize the use of C.T.A, which can be done by simply telling users to “LIKE”, “COMMENT” or “SHARE”.

By simply telling their audience what to do next, fashion brands can urge their users to take actions that would increase engagement.

Promote Interaction

Fashion brands can promote interaction on Instagram through the following ways:

  • Polls: the Instagram poll sticker is an effective way for fashion brands to grow engagement rate on Instagram.  It promotes quick interaction and drives engagement on stories.

Fashion brands can maximize the use of polls on Instagram by asking their audience questions using the polls sticker, encouraging their followers to interact more as poll stickers are more personalized.

  • Engaging: Fashion brands can promote interaction by engaging on their Instagram page. This can be through liking, commenting, and sharing on followers’ Instagram field and tagging them in posts.

By doing this, a chain of interaction is created, and followers are encouraged to do the same.

Maximizing Other Social Media Platforms

Posting content across other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is a great way for fashion brands to generate greater exposure and higher engagement rates.

Although Instagram has proven to be an effective platform for fashion brands to promote their businesses, other platforms can help. This is especially important if fashion brands want to reach audiences who aren’t active on Instagram.

By posting across multiple social media platforms, fashion brands can be certain to reach a wider audience, generate more engagement and make more sales.

Effective Use of Instagram Videos

Instagram videos such as Reels, IGTVs, videos on Instagram feed, and stories are proven ways to boost Instagram engagement. According to Sprout Social, videos receive 49% higher engagements than pictures.

Fashion brands can make and edit Instagram videos and use them to showcase fashion lifestyles and boost their engagement rate.

Videos capture audience attention and compel them to spend more time on Instagram pages, which ultimately increases engagement performance and provides a wider reach for fashion brands.

Behind the Scenes Contents

Behind-the-scenes content is showing the audience what happens behind the brand, which includes the staff, culture, work process, and everyday operations of a business.

Posting behind the scenes pictures and contents is an effective way for fashion brands to showcase their brand personality and drive engagements.

Behind the scenes, content showcases the uniqueness and authenticity of fashion brands, which provides enough social proof that they are who they say they are, thereby enabling users to connect and engage better with the brand.

Below are different behind-the-scenes content ideas for fashion brands:

  • Showcasing the company and the different operation places;
  • Introducing member of staff;
  • Showcasing work process;
  • Share companies’ values.

10 Bright Ideas to Grow Engagement Rate for Fashion Instagram Accounts

Buy Instagram Likes

Building an Instagram page and growing a high engagement rate from scratch can be a long and tiring process and is particularly not effective for fashion brands who want to establish an online presence and grow their engagement on time.

This is why buying real, and authentic Instagram likes a faster, simpler, and an effective way for fashion brands to increase their engagement and establish an online presence on Instagram. However, fashion brands must buy genuine likes from trusted brands as fake likes or bots do not generate positive engagement results.

Below are some of the significant benefits of buying genuine Instagram likes:

  • Quick popularity: Fashion brands can grow their popularity and possibly go viral on Instagram, which would ultimately increase their reach and engagement rate as Instagram users don’t want to miss out on anything popular.
  • Attract endorsements: By acquiring many likes on Instagram, fashion brands can position themselves as brands with strong social influence, thereby attracting sponsorships and endorsements.
  • Choose which post receives engagement: Fashion accounts on Instagram can determine the post which receives engagement and which post does not.

Acquiring Instagram likes allows fashion brands to promote relevant posts to reach a wider audience and provide the best results:

  • Fewer efforts and saves time: Fashion brands can save more time and channel their energy into other important aspects of building their brands.
  • Build the brand image: It helps fashion brands generate a high engagement rate, which creates a good brand image that attracts customers to their business.

Things to Avoid when Growing Engagement on Instagram

Below are certain pitfalls Fashion brands need to avoid when growing engagement on their Instagram accounts.

Posting Inconsistently

Consistency is critical when trying to increase engagement on Instagram. Fashion Instagram accounts need to show up with relevant and exciting posts consistently. The lack of posting notifies the Instagram algorithm that the page does not deserve the attention it needs to reach a wider audience, which lowers the engagement rate.

Not Engaging with Followers

To generate high engagement on Instagram, fashion brands must engage with their followers. Not responding to comments can influence the engagement rate negatively. However, when brands respond to comments and do so on time, engagement rates increase, and the Instagram algorithm pushes the post to reach a wider audience.

Using Hashtags Wrongly

Hashtags can mar the engagement growth of a fashion account when used wrongly on Instagram. Overstuffing and using broad and generic hashtags do not provide engagement and could lead to an account ban, making it necessary for fashion accounts to avoid overstuffing hashtags and make use of only relevant and specific hashtags.

Posting Irrelevant Content

The Instagram algorithm only promotes content that is useful and relevant to users, which is why fashion brands need to avoid posting inappropriate and irrelevant content that can jeopardize their engagement growth.

Not Obeying Instagram Rules

As a social media platform, Instagram has laws and community regulations that guide users’ conduct and actions. Not obeying these rules and regulations lead to account restrictions and ban thereby thwarting the efforts and time that has been invested in growing an Instagram account.


Fashion brands on Instagram establish their online presence, driving traffic and sales to their brands due to the high engagement rate. This means, to compete and stand out from millions of fashion brands on Instagram, it is essential to growing a high engagement rate.

This article has explained the ten practical ideas fashion brands can adopt to grow their engagement rate and establish an online presence on Instagram and five pitfalls to avoid when developing an Instagram account to achieve the best results.