10 Ideas For A Student Where To Have A Great First Date

10 Ideas For A Student Where To Have A Great First Date

College is the time of freedom, hard studying, new meetings, and, of course, first romantic experiences. The only thing that can ruin the impression is your wallet unable to cover a table for two in a well-known expensive restaurant. This reason is unpleasant but understandable: you need to do something with your student loan, pay for online college homework help (if necessary), and have some pocket money for everyday needs. Even if you work part-time, dating can become a really costly thing. However, we know a few good first date ideas that will make your experience unforgettable and your budget safe.

Cheap And Fun Ideas For The First Date In College

Besides the eternal question, «Can you do my homework?» many students are also puzzled with the problem of https://menstylefashion.com/date-night-home-top-tips/where to go on a first date. This place should be nice, romantic, and still budget-friendly (probably, the most important thing for a college student). You will be surprised, but there are many options to spend a great time together without spending a fortune. Check these fun first date ideas you can easily afford:


Romantic Dinner

Not in Ritz, however, but you can still cover this classic date option with a student discount. There are many cafes and restaurants with meal deals that can be applied for two dinners, which is perfect for dates. Such offerings as two-for-one or 50% off the bill are not rare and just need to be followed to have a nice variant for the first date. When it comes to alcohol, you need to be more attentive as it usually takes the most part of your money. Look for «bring your own bottle» options but don`t come it too strong – you want to stay on your budget but not show your date partner that you are a meanie.



This place is a nice option for the first date as it has its atmosphere to cover up any awkwardness that may appear. Besides, the range of alcohol can make your nerves calm down. In this place, you can talk, drink, laugh, and play pool, darts, or a board game like chess.


Unless your date is taking place in winter, this idea is both romantic and affordable. You can choose any park nearby and prepare everything for a picnic (present yourself as a person with impressive skills in cooking toasts to conquer the heart of your date). You can buy some wine at the supermarket and bring some fruit and ice-cream to complete your meal. With a plastic glass of wine, your conversation will be going easy and pleasantly. This can become a lovely time out enjoying nature and warm days.



If the park is too obvious and not an original place for the first date, walking, hiking, or biking can be a good alternative. You can buy takeaway coffee and enjoy the dialogue with your date. You may discuss your favorite things and enjoy the conversation. Besides, this stroll can be a healthy workout, and if you get tired, you can always stop and buy something tasty (or a cup of hot wine).

Tuscany Italy


The game is perfect even if you both have never played before and also fun enough. You can play just for yourself or become a team and play against other visitors. You can also get a good deal showing your student ID that can give you a discount. Bowling may also become a great option for a double date;

Tourist Attractions

Every city has places attracting both local people and tourists (most of them are usually free for locals). Even if you have seen them lots of times, a museum or an amusement park can be a good place to attend with your date.

Villa Reale

Local Events

Keep an eye on what is going on in your city on Facebook – concerts, movies, festivals, events, fairs, theatrical performances, etc. Going to see a new part of Marvel is a good chance to discover mutual interests and discuss the movie.

Villa Reale Italy


You have probably heard about art parties where everyone can create a great picture, even not having good painting skills. Why not attend this event together?

Open Microphone Night

A part of the success of every date lies in good humor and laughing. That is why we recommend attending a bar that is hosting an open microphone event where you can enjoy great jokes or even try to impress the public yourself;


As an option, you can have a calm night in, talking about different things, drinking wine, watching movies, or teaching each other your hobbies. For example, playing the guitar, watching videos in a foreign language, or play sports like tennis.


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