First dates are the make or break moments for most people seeking lasting relationships. A lot of anxiety comes when choosing a restaurant for a first date. Your choice will unconsciously tell your date the kind of person you are. You need to be very choosy in order to make a great first impression. First impressions are lasting impressions.

The choice can be difficult to make especially if you are not sure what your date likes or doesn’t. However, you can choose a simple but memorable date that anyone would like despite his or her preferences. Greater London restaurants have great features that can entice you. You could consider the following for a memorable first date.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress

The Budget

Good food and environment does not have to be costly. When choosing a restaurant for a first date, it is important to check the ones that you can afford. You don’t want to get a large bill that you cannot foot after a simple meal for two. This can leave you in debts and create a wrong impression on your date. If you have sufficient time before the date, you can plan appropriately and save up for the same.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress

Background Music

A noisy restaurant will only make you two shout in order to be heard. This is not the best environment to get to know someone you want to date. You need a place with some good Jazz music or lounge textures in the background. Romantic music should however not be overdone. It is too aggressive on a first date. Leave that for couples.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress

The Lighting Fixtures

You do not want too much light that blinds you, neither do you want dim light that you can barely see your food or partner. Just enough light makes you comfortable and sets the mood for the rest of the date.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress

Available Dishes

You need to be wise in this area. Some restaurants offer specialised food like say Greek, Ethiopian, Italian, Turkish and the likes while some are just general. On the first date, the attention is on the two of you and not the food. On the other hand, the food is part of the date and therefore it has to be great. This means you will have to avoid foods that need attention like big burgers, fried chicken, crabs among others. The food needs to go in without interruption as your date focuses on you.

Most romantic restaurants serve excellent food. Italian and Mediterranean food will be a good pick for a first date. A glass of divine wine afterwards will make it even more superb.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress

The Service In The Restaurant

Imagine going to a restaurant and waiting for more than fifteen minutes without anybody coming to ask what you want or how they may help you. You certainly do not want this on your first date. It can kill the mood.

Choose restaurants where you have excellent and warm service. A smile from the waiters makes the food even more enticing. Excellent service may also make this restaurant a special part of you two. MenstyleFashion has reviewed many London restaurants for 2017,  click here to find one that suits you and your first date.

First Date – 5 Restaurant Tips To Impress