Sometimes it can be hard to understand whether someone likes or flirts with you, but it happens that people show obvious flirting signals. However, some of us don’t understand even evident signs, so follow this article and try to understand when someone is flirting with you.

How To Understand People’s Flirting Signs

How to understand flirting signs from a woman that you’re into? Actually, there are so many ways of how you can understand that. For example, in one of the studies, it has been reported that when people laugh, they have the inclination to look first at someone they are keen on, and thus, it can be regarded as some kind of passive flirting sign. Of course, girls’ flirting signs may vary from one personality to another.

Let’s say you like someone timid and shy, and it’ll be harder to read her signs of flirting. However, if you’re dating a more social and open person, it will be much easier. Flirting is one step towards something more, and unfortunately, so many times, we may think that someone doesn’t like us not understanding the real signs of flirting that can be obvious to others. So, get to know some of the most common and evident signs of flirting.

Signs Of Flirting Understand Hints When Someone Flirts With You

Signs of flirts revealed

Before delving into details of flirting signs, you need to be careful enough. Be attentive to every detail as the change in demeanour might signal that she likes or wants you. There are myriads of interesting facts on how you can detect whether someone likes and flirts with you. Did you know that there are so many ways of smiling, and only a few of them can be considered sincere and flirtatious? Here are some common signs when you can understand that she is flirting with you:

longer eye contact: people like observing those they like and adore. Thus, it’s normal that someone looks at the target person for more than several seconds. Such prolonged eye contact may signal that flirting is in progress. Simply put, one of the most common flirting signs is eye contact that lasts longer than just a normal look.

frequent glimpses: not every girl will spend seconds looking at you, especially if she is shy or timid. However, what she may not control is her frequent glimpses at you. Instead of staring at you, she can look at you and then turn her sight, and repeat that. Such behaviour is quite common among girls as such a technique can be harder to detect.

playing with apparel: one of the flirting behaviour patterns is when she plays with her clothing when talking to you. She may hide her look from you, but her hands will continue playing with her clothing, which she may not be aware of. However, she may be playing with her hair, which is also among the most obvious flirting signs.

odd words and compliments: interestingly, one of the flirting signs is the inability to flirt. Isn’t that funny? For example, she may compliment you with something awkward. Or say something awkward.  In short, any awkward behaviour demonstrated by your person of interest is a sign of flirting.

tactile communication: constant or frequent touching may take place when ladies start flirting. This is attributed to both males and females. When people start gently touching the person they’re talking to, it means that they show flirting signs.  If your lady touches you when she laughs and talks, be sure it’s the beginning of her affection towards you.

eyebrow movements: since facial expressions may be hard to control, one of the signs of flirting is the movement of eyebrows. It happens when she is interested in you, and it’s a type of hidden sign to show that you should take further action. Such movements are evident when she starts talking to you.

body language: when people are not interested in communication with someone, they limit everything to verbal communication. However, when people are interested in someone, they express more with their body language. The more interested in you she is, the more expressive her body language becomes, and this means she is simply flirting with you.

social media reactions: one of the modern signs of flirting is how fast she reacts to your posts on social media. To exemplify, let’s say you have met a cutie, and she is interested in you. Once you exchange your social media accounts, she will start liking your previous posts. Or she may react to any of your posts being first to comment or like them. Thus, if she likes your post, it means she is into you.

closeness to you: one of the interesting signs of flirting is how close she prefers to be with you. If you invite your friends and her, she will prefer to sit close to you. The closer she becomes to you, the more evident it becomes that she is flirting with you.

laughing at your jokes: the funniest part of flirting is the one you can check easily. Make a joke that is not so popular or funny, and you’ll see that she will laugh at it.  Flirting people don’t tend to sort the quality of your jokes as the main aim is to attract your attention. Prepare several jokes so that you can check that.

Signs Of Flirting Understand Hints When Someone Flirts With You

How to flirt online

One of the best places to show your flirtatious behaviour is online dating sites. Here, you can start your journey of love and passion. So, it’s important to show how you’re interested in any particular one. Understanding signs of flirting is critical, and your flirting skills are something different and even more important. However, flirting is sometimes overrated, and online platforms open new opportunities when you can directly express your feelings and expectations. Still, there are some basic things to know:

show your interest: you may like her photos or send her an impressive message. There are many ways how you can show your interest in her.  You may send an invitation to initiate a chat with her.

spend more time together: online dating is different from conventional dating, yet you can dedicate more time to her. Why not focus on her? Or why not send her virtual gifts? If she understands that she is your spotlight, things may get better and faster for you. Don’t be timid to make the first steps and become closer with her.

always compliment: never miss a chance to compliment her. Always say something pleasant and nice before you start chatting online. Your kind words can impress her and melt ice between you. Pay attention to every detail and try to be polite.

No matter how you start your dating online, flirting is always considered to be the first step, so much is in your hands. Be yourself and brave, and you’ll see that much will change in your life.


There are many signs showing a woman is flirting with you. She can show her interest verbally and physically, and all you need is to spot these signs of flirting. Once you notice them, the rest becomes much easier for you. Use our tips and good luck!