When someone talks about plastic surgery, it’s often taken for granted that the person getting cosmetic procedures done is a woman. However, that isn’t always the case – more men than ever are becoming comfortable with the idea of cosmetic enhancements. When performed by skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Ashley Steinberg, these procedures can do more than simply improve a man’s self-esteem; they can also help him succeed in the workplace, his dating life, and more. Plastic surgery is now being used for more than just satisfying vanity, and even though it’s still more common among women, that trend is becoming less and less pronounced.

What types of procedures are guys going for, though? Here’s a list of the top 10 plastic surgeries for men.

1. Otoplasty (ear surgery)


Ears often get ignored – unless they’re impossible to ignore, that is. Some people are born with ears that seem disproportionate compared to the rest of their head, or with ears that stick out too much. Others may have misshapen ears due to an injury. Whatever the case, it’s something that many guys choose to have corrected through surgery. One common procedure is known as “ear pinning”, in which the cartilage behind the ear is reshaped or removed; this allows the ear to lay flat against the head, in a more “normal” position.

2. Pectoral implants

pectoral implants

This is essentially the male version of a breast augmentation, but instead of the softer breast implants, pectoral implants are made to feel like toned, firm muscle. Not only can they make a man look like he’s been putting in some serious hours in the gym, but they’re also less likely to rupture or leak than the average breast implant. Since it’s a pretty invasive procedure, the swelling and bruising can last for almost two weeks; fortunately, the results last a lot longer than that.

3. Gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction in males)

It could be that men are just as self-conscious as women where their “breasts” are concerned. If a man is dealing with specific hormone imbalances, it could result in the growth and feminization of male breasts, also known as gynecomastia. Excess tissue is removed by a combination of excision and liposuction, and the areola may also be reshaped during the procedure.

4. Hair transplants

Body Hair Transplants- Are They Worth It?

This is one of the more popular treatments for men, as there are few other clinically proven ways to address hair loss and male-pattern baldness. And since these problems affect over 50 million men in the U.S., you can bet that plenty of guys are interested in this surgery. One method is to transplant individual follicles to the balding areas; this produces less scarring, and is easier to recover from. Another method is to transplant entire strips of hair at a time; this gives more natural results, but it also involves more prominent scars.

5. Liposuction


It’s no surprise that men want to contour their bodies through surgery, rather than a combination of diet and exercise. A lot of men ask for liposuction on their abdomen and flanks, but it can be done almost anywhere on the body. The procedure is performed by making incisions in the areas being targeted, then using an instrument called a “cannula” to dislodge fat deposits. The loosened fat is then extracted with a surgical vacuum, the incisions are stitched up, and the targeted areas are wrapped in compression garments to promote the desired body contours.

6. Mentoplasty (chin augmentation)


Men who didn’t win the genetic lottery where masculine chins are concerned can get a chin augmentation. This procedure reshapes or enhances their chins, and is occasionally combined with a nose augmentation (rhinoplasty) to enhance the facial proportions. The effect is typically produced with an implant, and while it isn’t a hugely invasive surgery, there’s still a risk of permanent nerve damage or implant migration.

7. Rhinoplasty (nose augmentation)


Many men get rhinoplasties for cosmetic purposes, but some simply need to breath better – this surgery can also fix a deviated septum. Sometimes it’s done to reduce the size of the nose, while other men want certain parts of their nose enlarged or enhanced. If cartilage is need to reshape the nose, it’s usually taken from a rib or an ear.

8. Botox or facial fillers

Few things are as ageing like wrinkles, and Botox provides an easy solution for both men and women to banish frown lines, crow’s feet, and any other wrinkles that have appeared over the years. Some men get facial fillers (such as hyaluronic acid fillers) to fill in deep creases or even to treat pitting from acne scars.

9. Lower rhytidectomy (neck lift)

Turkey necks are a concern for men just as much as for women, which is why many men are opting to get neck lifts. This procedure can banish a double chin, lengthen the neck, and bring back a strong jawline. A traditional neck lift is more invasive, but also more effective; in some cases, the surgeon will also perform liposuction or tighten the platysma muscle. A limited neck lift involves smaller incisions, but will also produce less noticeable results.

10. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

This is probably the most popular plastic surgery among men; it usually involves the removal or reduction of eye bags, and the reduction of fine lines around the eyes. This can make a big difference in a man’s apparent age, plus it can actually improve vision for men who have extra skin on the upper eyelids. As a bonus, there’s very little scarring, which makes this surgery easier to conceal from anyone who knows what plastic surgery scars look like. Recovery times are pretty fast as well, with swelling usually being limited to the area right around the incision sites.

As the stigma decreases around plastic surgery for men, it’ll become more popular with each passing year.

Whether a man wants plastic surgery to improve his love life, get more respect from co-workers, or simply to satisfy his vanity, there are plenty of options – and fewer reasons than ever to feel embarrassed about choosing them.