Victorians used to believe that women age faster than men, but we know better nowadays, right? Well, it turns out that they were right!

According to scientific studies, there is a clear difference between the two sexes when it comes to ageing. Starting with the age of 50 (things go pretty smoothly until then), women’s ageing rate is accelerated by the drop in estrogen, which cuts the production of collagen (the protein that keeps the skin flexible).

When this happens, the signs of ageing become more visible. Plus, due to testosterone, men’s skin is thicker and less affected by hormonal imbalances. So if you take good care of your skin and have a generally healthy lifestyle, you have all the chances to turn into a silver fox in your old age.

But most women buy anti aging products, don’t they help?

Anti-ageing products such as creams and serums are amazing for the skin (provided you select the best ones for your skincare needs), but they can only do so much. Plus, you have to start early and implement a long-term daily routine if you want to see results when you’re 50.

The same is true for men – they may have skin that’s more resistant to ageing, but bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, fatty foods) and lack of proper skincare (especially moisturizers and SPF) can turn the tides on you.

So, even if women are doomed to a quicker ageing rate, men should learn from them. After all, most elderly ladies today are still beautiful and wear their wrinkles with pride. But that’s only possible due to advanced dermatologic techniques and relentless care throughout their lifetime.

Tips to Care for Aging Skin as a Man

While there’s no need to be afraid of ageing (there are plenty of gorgeous older men out there), it is important to analyze your habits and re-adjust to your new reality. When you hit 50, the skin cells renewal rate is already slowing down, which means it takes around two to three months to produce new cells.

So, to keep your skin looking good, here are a few steps to follow:

1. Wash Your Face Before & After Bed

Man washing face

Credit: Canva

Who doesn’t wash their face in the morning?

While there are a few guys out there who forget that water exists, most men don’t have a habit of washing their faces before going to sleep. Plus, washing doesn’t mean just splashing water on to wake up or hopping in the shower.

Washing also involves using a cleanser that will strip away the sebum that builds up during the night or the impurities and skincare/cosmetic products used during the day. You need a cleanser that’s gentle with your skin and responds well to your needs.

2. Use a Moisturizer

moisturizer men

If face washing seems like a huge ordeal, it’s safe to say that moisturizing is not on every guy’s list! While younger men are more open to the idea of skincare, older generations are completely out of the moisturizing game.

As you age, the skin gets a bit drier and more prone to spots, scars, and so on. This is why the moisturizer is important as its job is to keep the surface of the skin flexible and hydrated. Also, it helps to learn how to choose the right serum for your skin – serums have basically the same job, but are more concentrated and come with extra benefits.

3. Not a Day Without SPF

Women everywhere know this already but men seem to have missed the memorandum. Very few men use SPF all year long and more than half don’t use it even when it’s sunny outside.

Sun rays damage the collagen in your skin which leads to early ageing signs. Plus, in time, you are at risk of developing melanoma.

4. Use bedding that is good for your skin

Whenever you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror you will see that your face has many indentations from the pillows. Using cotton and linen pillowcases will make your face more wrinkled, so it is recommended to use luxury silk bedding, which is light and soft and contains skin-friendly 18 amino acids, which have a cosmetic effect on the skin.

Wrap Up

In summary, yes, women age faster than men (at the surface, at least) but this doesn’t mean men can forget about proper skincare. If you want to look good in your 70s and 80s, you have to start caring about your skin!