10 Simple And Easy Hairstyles For College Guys

10 Simple And Easy Hairstyles For College Guys

Fashionable guys’ hairstyles should look equally appropriate at college, in the gym, and on vacation. A man’s hair should be so handy that he can style and write an essay at the same time. Haircuts should also be easy to take care of to save your time on studying edubirdie reviews. We’ve picked out the top 10 trendy and simple men’s hairdos of this season that will inspire you to refresh your look.


The military-style hasn’t leaned back yet. This haircut emphasizes your force of character and confidence because of its clear geometric lines frame your face. It matches active guys who don’t have a lot of time to style it and take care of.



If you are looking for a trendy hairdo, you have already found it. Modern college guys pick up wearing trimmed temples and long locks on the top of the head. Besides, this haircut is famous for its universality and several alternatives for cutting and styling.

undercut hairstyle for men

UnderCut hairstyle

Ultra Short

Unfortunately, not every stylist cutting your hair, pay attention to the shape of your face. Thus, it might turn out that your new haircut makes you fat or portray your facial features in a poor light. If you choose an ultrashort hedgehog cut with a narrow straight frontal hairline, you will avoid the problems mentioned above.

ultra short hairstyle for men

Ultra short hairstyle

James Bond’s Aesthetic Hairstyle

Are you running time like James Bond? Then, you need to have a haircut requiring no complicated styling. Selecting a simple classic hairstyle that fits any style of clothes is always the right choice. Having short hair on the sides and long strands on top mean to look ascetic and incredibly stylish.

pierce brosnan hairstyle


This hairdo is one of the most trendy in this season as its style symbolizes elegance and neatness. Long smooth strands on your top and a little shortened hair on sides make you look flawless and confident as a real celebrity on the red carpet. To get a slick look, consider hair oil for men.

Preppy hairstyle for men

Preppy hairstyle

Retro Romantic

No matter how hard we try to be trendy, retro always wins. If it’s not writing college papers all night long, modern students know that if you want to be your best — use writepaperfor.me to complete your college assignments. As for hairdos, retro romantic is still prevalent. The clear side parting and slicked-back hair perfectly emphasize courageous facial features.

retro romantic hairstyle for men

Retro romantic hairstyle

Short Quiff

A lot of guys follow the golden rule: the shorter you have your hair cut, the fewer problems you have. The short quiff visually makes your face thinner due to its diagonal lines, so you will always look elegant and courageously.

short quiff hairstyle for men

Short quiff hairstyle

Great Gatsby’s Hairstyle

If you are dreaming of aristocratic and sophisticated haircut, it’s what you really need. You will have clean-cut temples and back of the head, long straight locks on the top, and a side bangs that make you look like a man from the Jazz Age.

great gatsby hairstyle for men

Great Gatsby hairstyle

Box Hairdo

College guys who are engaged in sports will love this hairdo because it’s considered as a sporting hairstyle, and it looks strict and tidy. The neck is open, and the top hair might be up to 3 cm. So, if you are extremely busy, that’s what you need.

Box hairstyle

Box hairstyle


A fade haircut is a good option for those who like a smooth switch. You will get back-shortened hair, and top hair can be styled to your liking: slick back or styled in light and tidy waves. Additionally, you can check different variations and learn about a Mexican taper fade for a truly unique style that makes your look more appealing.

fade haircut for men

Fade haircut

As we know, analogue’s coming back in a big way. A great number of fashionable and relevant hairstyles came to us from the past, but the more interesting it is to combine retro style and modern technology. Keep up with the times, experiment on your hair and remember that it’s the most critical part of your overall image.


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