When you are trying to dress well for 2020, you should take a look at the fashion trends listed below. These fashion trends will help you understand where men’s fashion is going in the new year. You can start buying new clothes that will match these trends, or you can resurrect old clothes that are finally back in style. Do not be afraid to be daring as fashion designers bring back some of your favourite looks for the new years.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are back in style, and they can be any size you want. Some cross body bags are very small because they are meant to act as a large wallet. You could get a traditional messenger bag that will help you carry your laptop or tablet, or you can try a large bag because you have several files to carry during the day. The crossbody bag works very well with the relaxed-fit suits that you will see later on.

CrossBody Bags

Cuban Collar Shirts

The Cuban collar shirt has a wide flare collar with short sleeves. This is completely different from a Bermuda shirt, however. The Cuban collar has a very large collar, and the silk shirts often hang very low. These shirts are coming back into style because they are an easy way for men to add color to their wardrobe. You could wear these shirts every day under a relaxed blazer, or you could wear them throughout the summer to stay cool.

Relaxed-Fit Jackets

When you are looking for blazers, you can try the relaxed fit that has come back into style. You are not looking for a double-breasted suit. You are looking for a sport coat that has a relaxed fit. These machines lets tend to be very large, and they almost act as trench-coats. Plus, these jackets are perfect for casual outfits when they are paired with jeans or the Cuban collar shirts mentioned above.

Over The Knee Shorts

Over the knee shorts have come back into style after being replaced by tighter shorts. here shorts resemble board shorts because they are much more casual than the shorter shorts men have been wearing for the past few years. You can wear these shorts throughout the summer, and they are perfect for running errands around town. You will not look like a surfer because you can choose fun colors, pair your shorts with a nice Cuban shirt, and pick a good pair of boat shoes to match.

Flared Denim

Flared denim has come back into style after it died with the disco era. Flared denim is a powerful thing for people to wear because it is retro, it fits well, and it helps show off your shoes. Ladies wear flared denim because they want a good fit around their butt and thighs. Men have completely different fit requirements when getting dressed. Do not cast aside flared denim because of how ladies wear it. You can get flared denim that works perfectly for you.

Men should wear flared denim because it helps them show off their shoes. You can get a relaxed fit jean that will flare at the bottom. The flare will help you show off new shoes you just bought, and you can be very creative when you are buying your shoes.

Collage-Style Prints

Collage-style shirts are also known as patchwork shirts. These shirts could have block colors, images, or an Avant-Garde look that makes you feel like you just came from an art gallery. These shirts are perfect to match with your relaxed jacket, or you can wear these shirts with the flared denim that you have found. The styles for 2020 will all work together because they allow you to be a bit more daring than you would be otherwise.

Shielded Sunglasses

You can get shielded sunglasses that are so big they almost do not look like sunglasses. These sunglasses call attention to you when you are wearing normal clothes, and they give you more coverage when you are out in the sun. You might have seen celebrities wearing these sunglasses, and you should try a pair for yourself.

Plus, you can get a shielded pair of sunglasses that has a mirror finish on the outside. These sunglasses will make you feel like you are a celebrity who needs to hide their faces, and you will impress your date when you show up wearing these sunglasses.

Loose Suits

Some men will go for relaxed fit jackets because they need something to throw on when they walk out the door. However, you could try a loose suit that does not fit perfectly. This is a modern style that you could wear in a more casual office environment, or you might wear one of these suits on an upcoming date.


When you are getting dressed for the new year, you need to know how to style yourself, and you must have an understanding of how to match new styles to one another. You can buy a relaxed jacket, some relaxed denim, and shield sunglasses. Plus, you can get some creative shoes to show off with these new outfits. Also, you can get a few Cuban collared shirts, some shorts that fall over your knee, and a crossbody bag to carry all your files to the office.