Bachelor Party – 5 Outfit Ideas

Bachelor Party – 5 Outfit Ideas

When it comes to preparing for a bachelor party, most of the time the priorities include booking the Airbnb and making sure you don’t run out of booze.

However, one of the best ways to make a bachelor party even more memorable is to coordinate an outfit with the entire crew for at least one outing. So, we put together 5 bachelor party outfit ideas that your friends will love whether you’re looking for something themed, funny or stylish.


1.Matching Themed Suits

Yes, we said a suit. Even better if it’s themed. You may think they’re reserved for the club but if your bachelor party is going to involve and upscale environment, casino or club just imagine the looks you’ll get when the bachelor party crew roles up in clean cut suits.

If you are planning on wearing suits, just make sure that the venue you choose isn’t going to be terribly hot and it allows for formal attire.

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2. The Themed/Costume Look

If you have an outgoing group of friends at your bachelor party, then the sky is the limit with this look. This can be something simple and smart such as a matching collared shirt and jeans or as crazy and Mario Party.

It’s not only going to be fun but you’ll definitely get those head turns.

Pitti Immagine Street Style MenStyleFashion 2019 Florence (12)

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3. Short Shorts

This type of outfit is also for the outgoing crew. The style is usually a combination of shorts from a company like Chubbies. You don’t need to go too short if you don’t want as there are plenty of options.

Pitti Immagine Street Style MenStyleFashion 2019 Florence (12)

4. London Sock Company

The great part about socks is that they’re versatile. It can be the anchor of an outfit or just a fun accessory. When matching your socks with your shorts, think flat colored shorts with patterned socks, or bright pink London Sock Company have a great variety.

“Say thank you to your groomsmen by gifting them their own wedding socks on the day. Either choose the same style like your own or maybe select something different which matches their personality. Packaged up in our luxury gift boxes and accompanied by a personal message, this is the perfect way to thank your best men.”


5. All-Black Outfit

Not every group is going to be able to pull this one off. Black is generally associated with luxury so best to save this look if you and the mates are heading downtown, somewhere like Vegas or a special event.

You don’t have to limit yourself on this one though as there are ways you can make it more or less casual depending on your combinations.

It is never easy to decide on what to wear for a bachelor party. However, with these 5 ideas, you’ll have a pool to choose from amongst the guys. Just don’t forget to order early or try on the bachelor party outfit prior to the big day(or weekend).

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