Concrete Garden – 4 Tips on How To Wear Florals

Concrete Garden – 4 Tips on How To Wear Florals

You will notice that designers have incorporated floral prints for men, which had resurfaced as a major trend this season. This trend proves to be a fresh and modern way to demonstrate sartorial expression. With the floral invasion in “full bloom”, some men may be hesitate or do not know where to start when rocking this trend. Here is a brief ‘how to wear it’ guide on how to rock florals.

Flower Bomb Bottoms

If splashing colorful floral prints all over your chest is overwhelming, you can always opt to rocking some floral prints on your lower half. Designers such as: ASOS, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten and Lanvin have included pants and shorts with subtle to moderate prints of blooms and foliage in their collections.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

For the man who is still proceeds with caution when it comes to the all-over print, a proper accessory is a modest way to introduce a hint of floral into your wardrobe. From bowties to footwear and hats, the flower power trend is being used on just about every finishing touch. Try pairing some floral prints with you Bermuda shorts, or for formal occasions, a bloom print pocket square or silk tie are solid options.

Beach Wear

Add some flare to your beach and pool gear, thanks to a range of floral designs in contemporary swimwear, it is easier to add hints of floral in your beachwear.

Layer it on

If you’re looking for a more minimalist way to the floral look, layering is essential. Opt for wearing a micro-floral print shirt under a clean-lined navy cotton knit so just the shirt’s cuffs and collar are showing. This is a clever contrast of floral detailing against solid colors.


Wardrobe Styling by: Troy Clinton & Photography by: Nathan Pearcy
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