2020 Winter Fragrances for Men – Dunhill Coach & Cartier

2020 Winter Fragrances for Men – Dunhill Coach & Cartier

As men look to switch up their summer fragrances for smokier scents. Here are our top three picks to keep you smelling no matter where you are. Also as lockdown number two is in full swing they are a perfect gift idea for loved ones.

Love is solid and bound together by simply been reminded of a loved one through smells.

Where should one use fragrances? When one wants to be kissed!

Dunhill Signature Collection

Dunhill Signature Collection VALENSOLE LAVENDER

£120 for 100ml at Harrods

Inspired by the endless beauty of the French lavender fields, this fragrance was created under the direction of perfume Jerome Di Marino and is the ultimate expression of masculine sophistication.

Warm notes of Saffron, Nutmeg, Sage, and Amber pair beautifully with the classic lavender to provide a versatile winter scent.

Top Notes: Lemon, Saffron, Nutmeg

Heart Notes: Lavender, Sage, and Cardamom for us is a nice fragrance for a gender-neutral gift idea.

Dunhill Signature Collection Valensole Lavender

Coach For Men Blue

Coach for Men Blue

£62.00 for 90ml at lookfantastic

Created in collaboration with art director Fabien Baron and photographer Craig McDean, the campaign stars the global face of Coach menswear Michael B. Jordan. Shot in the desert outside Los Angeles, the new Eau de Toilette for men is inspired by an American road trip with open spaces and blue skies – ready for an adventure to begin.

Top Notes: Lime, Absinthe

Heart Notes: Black Pepper, Ozonic Accord

With base notes such as  Cedarwood and Amber, this smell will always last and a safe gift idea.

Coach For Men Blue perfume

Cartier Pasha De Cartier Parfum

Cartier Pasha de Cartier Parfum

£77 for 100ml, available nationwide

A sophisticated, sensual fougère accord, this new edition of the Pasha de Cartier fragrance features depth and warmth from the addition of amber. The fullness emerges and the heat spreads, woody like a crackling fire, smooth with sandalwood notes.

When it comes to bottle elegance this has to be our favourite.

Cartier-Pasha De Cartier Parfum 2020


A scent in keeping with today’s generation, a talented community who owes its success to bold choices. Their creative and expansive vision of the world allows this exceptional pairing. A great classic, the Pasha de Cartier perfume, is partnered with an utterly contemporary and off-beat allure.

Cartier Pasha De Cartier Parfum

How To Apply Parfume

How do you choose the right fragrance for yourself?  And is there a way to apply perfume to make it last longer, read our guide here? Parfume is like shoes it all comes down to personal taste.

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