Father’s day in the UK is less than one month away and we have come up with some inspiration for gift ideas for you.

CR7 Trunks 3 Pack

A package for your packagedelivered on repeat. You don’t need to have abs like Cristiano Ronaldo or the skills, all you need is confidence in your own body. PantsandSocks.com offers a range of pants and you’d guessed it socks, for all body types including the on-trend dadbods. This CR7 Three-pack is made with the finest materials: a luxurious composite blend of all-natural cotton for comfort and breathability, and elastane for a confident, perfect fit.

Costing £25 from PantsandSocks.com the price can reduce by a further 10% if you subscribe to get them delivered regularly, every month, 2 months, or 3 months. They’ll be delivered fresh through your door. Saving money in the process, other brands include Ted Baker, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, GANT, and more.

Solid Cologne

Made from natural wax the skin-friendly cologne is applied directly to the skin. Solid Cologne offers 13 stunning colognes and is made from natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter & jojoba oil. which all support, hydrate, and protect the skin.

Solid Cologne

The portable small pocket-sized sliding tins have a certain aura about them and are perfect for carrying in pockets, gym bags and are even suitable for in-flight bags. Discreetly packaged, the application is fast and easy. Whip it out wherever you are and stay sharp whatever the occasion. Prices start from £19.99 from SolidCologne.co.uk

Gentleman’s Beard Tin

The Gentlemen’s Beard Tin will keep those good looks going anytime, anywhere – with Gentleman’s Beard Tin. You’re on the go, whether it’s work or play, and Gentleman’s Beard Tin has all you need to keep you looking dapper 24/7.

gentleman's beard kit

With its stainless-steel trimming scissors, 10 ml of beard oil, and double-sided pear wood comb, you’ll have all you need for grooming in a reusable tin. The Gentleman’s Beard Tin includes everything a man on-the-go needs. Whether you’re into the lumberjack or hipster look, or anything in between, the Gentleman’s Beard Tin will give you the look you’re after in a small, reusable tin with all the goodies you need to keep that handsome face neatly trimmed.

The Gentlemen’s Beard Tin costs £9.95 from Pear Tree Collection