Gone are the days when having a good pair of dress shoes used to be luxury. Now it is a necessity. Some days, at work or at a function, you feel like dressing up. Needless to say, be it casual or sophisticated dress code, a good pair of dress shoes perfectly complements all attires. In today’s post, we will talk about two men’s dress shoes – Loafers and Oxford shoes. In other words, this post will be about a discussion on Loafers vs Oxfords, helping you to pick the right footwear for the right occasion.

Oxford shoes and Loafers for men are two common dress shoe choices and due to their alike build and appearance, it is natural for you to feel confused deciding which one is best. Don’t worry, let’s get to know why you should wear Loafer shoes and Oxford shoes and how they are different from each other.

Why should you Pick Oxford Shoes for Men?

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With their versatility and timeless design, Oxford shoes for men can be paired up with both formal and daily casual wear. The design of the Oxford shoes used to be pretty simple and plain, mostly made of leather. However, over time, the style of Oxford shoes for men has evolved noteworthy and now they range from a wide array of fabrics, detailing and styles, perfect for both casual and formal wear. Be it pants, chinos or jeans, Oxford shoes can match any of your outfits for every occasion.

If you have a habit of clicking pictures in the perfect outfit, oxford shoes will complement your look to help you click awesome photos which go perfectly well with your office space design to give you a stunning look.

How are Oxford Shoes Perfect for Formal Occasions?

With a superb, polished look, a pair of Oxfords can perfectly fit any of your formal functions and events. They can complement a suited appearance and add a dapper touch. If you want to look sophisticated with a pair of Oxford shoes for men, choose a leather pair. Additionally, be particular about the shoe’s width. Usually, slimmer Oxfords look dressier than wider ones.

Can Oxford Shoes Work Perfectly for Casual Events?

Be it lunch, birthday party or get together, Oxfords can work well for any kind of casual event. To pull off a smart casual look with Oxfords, choose the right pair of pants. Chinos and jeans are the best ones to get that desired simple yet aesthetic look with Oxford shoes.

Why should you Pick Loafers for Men?


There is no debate that Loafer shoes for men were initially limited to only as casual footwear. However, their popularity quickly grew and eventually, they became more prevailing when their diverse kinds were introduced. In other words, Loafer shoes for men can quickly shift from having a completely conventional vibe to being entirely casual in appearance. As they come in a variety of styles and designs, choosing Loafers for men can never go wrong

Can Loafers for Men Define Sophistication?

Of course they can. Loafer shoes for men are classic style statements that can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance. Especially wearing black loafers can help you create a stylish yet casual business look with an embellished appeal. So, if you are among those who are looking for a modern twist in a classic design for your daily workwear look, leather-made black loafers are the ultimate choice for you.

loafers vs oxfords

Loafer Shoes & Their Casual Vibe

There are many ways you can pair up Loafer shoes with your daily outfits to achieve a casual yet stylish look. Wear bright coloured Loafers with a pair of denim jeans to increase your style quotient. Suede loafers also look stylish and go well with summer outfits. Penny loafers with lightweight textured designs can also give you a smart casual look. And above all, black Loafers can never go wrong when you want to add a contemporary touch to your traditional appearance.

You have a brief view on both Oxford and Loafers for men. Now let’s dive into the discussion on Loafers vs Oxfords, the major differences between these two widely popular footwear.

Loafers vs Oxford Shoes for Men – How Does One Differ from Another?

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Here are 5 main ways Loafers for men and Oxford shoes for men differ:


Oxford shoes have closed lacing design where the shoelace eyelets are stitched beneath the vamo of the shoe. Such design makes Oxford shoes for men clean, elegant and sophisticated looking. On the other hand, Loafers for men are always lace less. Therefore these are very comfortable.


Oxfords have various seams, ranging from toe caps to goosenecks. They can be seamless as well. On the other hand, Loafers for men always have stitched upper seams.


The shape of Oxfords is perfect for those who have small instep and narrow feet. On the other hand, Loafer shoes for men are ideal for those who have medium to strong instep.


There are mainly 5 types of Oxford shoes for men – classic, cap-toe, wingtip, saddle and whole cut.

On the other hand, there are 8 types of Loafers for men that are widely popular – Penny, Horse bit, Tassel, Kiltie, Driving, Slipper, Boat, and Espadrille.


When it comes to talking about Loafers vs Oxfords, another major difference can’t be overlooked, and that is their purposes. With a closed lacing system, Oxfords are more suitable for formal events.

On the other hand, being laceless, Loafers are better fitted to casual and semi-casual settings.

Loafers vs Oxfords – Which One Is the Best

Oxfords vs loafers

In our earlier discussion on Loafers vs. Oxfords, you have already got to know how these two are different from each other. Now let’s talk about when to wear them for having a better understanding of which one you should choose.

Formal Settings – Loafers vs. Oxfords: Which One to Pick

Be it plain Oxford, Cap Toe Oxford or Whole cut, they all perfectly complement formal outfits, like suit with black tie, tuxedo, etc. And a black pair of Oxford footwear goes well with suits of all colours. On the other hand, Loafers for men are not considered as perfect footwear for formal attire. But a pair of black loafers is good to go with sophisticated and formal clothing.

Casual Settings – Loafers vs. Oxfords: Which One to Pick

Be it a dinner date, friends get together, or simply a grocery store visit, Oxford shoes have no role in such settings with casual outfits. On the other hand, Loafers are the perfect pick in these occasions. Choosing the right colour of the shoe is also important. Black and brown add conventional and formal touch whereas light brown, gray, blue add a casual touch.

Semi-Casual Settings – Loafers vs. Oxfords: Which One to Pick

Semi Casual occasions like a birthday party or a first date, you can wear casual clothes with a sharp touch. Wearing Oxfords with semi casual outfits can make you look overdressed. In this case, Loafers can save you. Loafers with light shades and suede finish can make you look stylish yet casual effortlessly.

Smart-Casual Settings – Loafers vs. Oxfords: Which One to Pick

Smart casual wear means blending conventionally formal clothes with casual clothes. You can combine a sports coat, blazer, dress shirt or necktie with chinos. To complete this smart casual look, you can choose both Oxford shoes and Loafers for men. Go for Oxfords with light colour, Brogue pattern and suede finish for adding semi-casual touch to your appearance. And if you want to pick Loafers for this look, pick relatively formal pairs, such as leather made dark brown or black loafers.


1. Do Oxford Shoes Go Well with Jeans and Chinos?

You can wear a pair of Oxfords in light shades or unusual colours like blue with jeans and chinos. But to get a perfect casual yet stylish look in jeans or chinos, choose Loafers over Oxfords.

2. Do Black Loafers Go Well with Suits?

Yes, they do. But it is better to choose Oxford shoes to add the perfect touch to formal attire.

3. Loafers or Oxfords – Which One Can Be Considered As Summer-ready Footwear?

Though both Loafers and Oxfords are comfortable to wear, Loafers are the better choice for the summer season.

Final thoughts

So, which of these two types of shoes is for you? Well, don’t answer. Because both of these can be right for you depending on the occasion you find yourself going. The element of enduring style is to dress for the occasion, and based on where you are going you can decide whether an Oxford or Loafer is the right choice. No matter what the case is, you always seek for the best quality Oxford or Loafers shoes.