Each and every year, tech savvy individuals and casual tech users alike eagerly await new developments. Of course, 2018 is no different and following events like CES many of us are looking forward to the numerous tech trends we can expect over the next twelve months. Will we have AI-powered robots by Christmas? Will Virtual Reality finally lose the high price and the wires? Will we get anything more reliable than 4G? Here are just a few tech trends that are expected in 2018.

An Artificial Intelligence Boom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for several years now, and yet it has remained somewhat under-utilized. Well, that is unless you count the human-like AI robots and helpful devices created by companies like Amazon. Fortunately, in 2018 we’re expecting to finally see AI evolve due to more funding and increased incorporation. It’s thought that AI will be adopted by numerous new platforms, apps and devices to improve user experience – though the specifics are yet to come to light. Still, by the end of this year, we’re being told it’s very likely that AI will be a mainstream part of modern technology.

VR 2.0 Will Change Gaming Forever

For years now, Virtual Reality (VR) has been slowly building a reputation within the world of gaming. Google Cardboard improved smartphone-based VR experiences and PS VR ensured headsets would become a popular gaming accessory. Even the iGaming industry adopted VR tech, such as Mr Smith’s UK based online casino offering live dealer games that stream straight to VR mask-hooked mobile headsets to create authentic casino experiences. In 2018 though, the way VR is consumed will change entirely. Instead of requiring external devices, upcoming VR hardware will have the computing power built-in. The Oculus Go, Oculus Santa Cruz and the HTC Vive Focus are just some of the innovative headsets we can expect this year that are sure to help VR reach the overall goal of becoming mainstream.

Preparation For 5G

Now, unlike AI there’s no way that 5G will become mainstream by the end of 2018, unfortunately. However, we will likely see preparation for 5G networks and 5G devices this year, both of which might be out by the end of 2019 at the earliest. According to some tech forecasts, 5G could potentially be ten times more powerful than 4G and could even overshadow present home internet services. This will no doubt completely change the way we consume mobile data, and therefore the apps and streaming services available on our devices. Needless to say, developers, engineers and mobile providers are seriously going to have to buckle down in preparation.

In addition to these three tech trends, there are rumours of seamless conversation technology evolving, UI overhauls and huge amounts of data becoming available to everyday consumers. Needless to say, 2018 will be another massive year for technology and we couldn’t be more excited. We are also interested to know what you are looking most forward to this year. Are you a VR fanatic or do you just want better, more reliable mobile data? Let us know in the comments below.