Football is one of the favourite betting sports, and millions of people place their bets on football games daily. Did you know that the sports betting industry was valued at $131.1 billion in 2020? And according to the football betting stats, this segment generated nearly one-third of the industry’s revenue.

Being a popular activity, countless bookmakers take bets, help you find the info you need and offer sources that may increase your chances of winning. But, learning the right information is essential before making any wagers and investing money.

Well, below we’ve listed the three most important aspects of betting alongside some extra football betting tips. Enjoy!

1. Bet on Leagues, Not on Tournaments

If you want a higher chance of noting a better performance as a sports bettor, bet on leagues rather than tournaments. Some managers choose the weaker players for the tournaments. Of course, this excludes the Champions League or other essential competitions. Nonetheless, managers typically won’t otherwise risk an injury in some of their best players in less critical tournaments.

With this in mind, when placing bets on tournaments, it’s difficult to pinpoint which team has a higher chance of winning. The surprise factor here is high, which always makes things harder for sports bettors who often base their wagers on analysis of the facts.

2. Check the League’s Latest Stats

You need to consider the trends, numbers, and stats when placing sports bets. By doing this, you elevate the chances of successful bets. There are many valuable sites where you can look at detailed stats to optimize your placement of bets. What’s more, learning how players and teams perform is also essential.

Check how they performed against an opponent, how they performed in the last couple of matches, or if there’s any difference in their performance at home versus elsewhere. You could even dive deeper into analyzing the personal life of the top stars because problems at home often translate into problems on the pitch.

3. Choose the Bookmakers With the Best Odds

Different bookmakers offer different odds. Although these differences are usually slight, they can be significantly better in some instances and mainly affect large wagers. Therefore, shop around and look for the best option.

Don’t forget to choose bookmakers that provide various types of betting like goals scored at halftime, which player will give the first goal, which players will get the yellow card, etc. These varieties carry different odds and a lot of excitement, but not every bookmaker provides them.

Some Extra Tips

Thousands of football matches happen weekly. Considering the various betting options and the associated rules, it can become a bit confusing, especially for beginners.

Check the tips below and start betting smart and safe.

  • Look at the team’s last three matches; if a player performed in a certain way, they’re likely to have a similar performance in the next game.
  • There’s no guarantee that a bet will win, even if others claim it’s “locked”.
  • Make bets that you’re comfortable with and that your budget can support.
  • Never bet on something you don’t understand entirely; instead, save your money and keep away from stress and trouble.

Bottom Line

Football betting is a favourite activity for people all over the world. But, placing bets requires knowing specific stuff so that the chances of winning are higher. Otherwise, you’re just throwing money away! So, always inform yourself about the matches, teams, and betting options before placing real money bets on your favourite football club.