Congratulations, you are no longer single which means every decision you make involves another brain and a set of emotions. Sounds complicated but it not that bad as you have many good things to look forward to.

Financial planning after marriage is one of the most important things you will endure during your married life. For most you may need to think twice about going luxury for every holiday and getting the best grade of leather for your sofas and financing your next car keeping a balance in the savings account. Let’s take a look at the 3 of the most thought about subjects after marriage.

Short Breaks


Even if you cut down your holidays abroad you still need to take short breaks and enjoy yourself every now and then. For example, going to theatres, visiting friends going out of town for shopping, dining, sight-seeing and spas keep your life interesting.


Short city breaks can still cost fair bit if you are planning on staying over weekends as hotel prices are the highest during this time of the week. But if all you need is bed to crash out without the extra walking space and location doesn’t bother you then budget hotels may do the trick but it can spoil the experience when you are going somewhere nice with the wife or family.


If you need a little more room and want to put your feet up in front of the TV and be able to enjoy a pizza on a dining table, then you need to check yourself into short stay serviced apartments most of which are scattered around city-centre locations.



Some of us spend a lot of time travelling and commuting for work and also for personal use. One of the most talked-about past time for newly married couples are road trips and there are some amazing routes out there.

If you already own a nice and reliable car, then you’re ok for a good few years but if it’s something that takes the joy away from taking a romantic drive then you may want to consider a change.

In today’s day and age there no need to dig into the savings for a car as there are better things to spend it on in the future such as kids and home renovations. Financing has many options and it’s a great way to plan your expenses. Leasing your car is a great option and there are many ways you could do it and it depends if you are planning on buying the car in the end or whether you want to drive it for a few years and re-consider with no strings attached.

If you go for lease-purchase you will be left with a big balloon payment to pay to keep the car. Alternatively, if want to pay the depreciation of the car in the first few years and then change it then you will be better off looking at low deposit personal lease cars which is not only more affordable but can also be and easier and hassle free option.

Home Renovation


When your newly married you are excited and will be calling your house a home which inspires you to start buying cute little things that prove to be useless buys and you end up hording them. You can save a great deal by avoiding “home” stores or departments when you’re going to buy a pair of shoes.

Some things you can’t avoid.

If you need more space, you extend or find a bigger place. If you get a better job you may need to relocate. Home renovation, however, is the more common thing and having another view of your home will make you realise that carpet needs to go. If that’s the case with you your best bet is to replace it with cheap laminate flooring which isn’t hard to find online. Not only it saves you a huge amount it’s also a long term investment and probably last you a decade if you choose a decent brand and keep it well maintained.

If you decide on laminated wood flooring, try to find a product that is easy to install and you can save a good amount by doing it yourself. Although this may be a stronger area for your better half don’t hesitate in saying your piece on the budget planning and installation because when it comes to home improvements, you could easily get carried away.