Daniel Johnson is the VIP hairstylist to some of the world’s most famous footballers and sports stars, including Jamie Vardy, Gareth Bale, Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney. Johnson gives us the low down on the hairstyles his clients are switching to this summer, along with some how to videos from his series #STYLE on Makers Channel, which follows his life as he grooms and grills the world’s most talented players. Most of my customers tend to give their hairstyle a refresh from winter, to spring to summer. In the winter, the trend is stubble or a fuller beard with longer styles on top, moving to cleaner, closer shaves and cuts as temperatures rise.

This season many of my customers have been changing their hairstyles completely.  Currently UEFA Euro 2016 is on and everyone is watching one of the most influential sports in the world but,  not only for it’s game but also for it’s hairstyle trend setters. Here are the five popular styles to keep an eye out for.

 The Side Mohawk Skin Fade

Time: 30 – 45mins, depending on length

Best for: Round shaped faces

This hair style is a favourite when paired with a low V tee shirt, ripped jeans, trainers and topping off a body of tattoo art.  The style is shaven around the hairline, with the length graduated into the top like a semi mohawk but all taking place at the side of the head, not straight down the middle. The trimming should leave the highest point in the centre if the mohawk, followed by a skin fade around the sides and a scissor finish. Who better to set the trend than Neymar himself.


Summer Man Bun

Time: 20 – 30mins

Best for: Any face shape, very versatile

I’m not the biggest fan of man buns I have to admit, but the trend really has taken off. Lots of players have tried it. Gareth Bale’s got it now inspired by his relocation to Spain I suppose, and Andy Carroll who should have dodged the braiding I think. Those who wear a man bun currently should give it a summer trim, and update it for the hotter months. Leave the length the same, with just a little snip to even it out. The long section is then pinned up to and the sides are shaven with a skin or a number one.


The Sharp Danny Simpson

Time: 45mins

Best for: Oval shaped faces

Danny’s cut has been extremely popular since the lads started looking set to win the Premiere League and all eyes were on them. This style is intricate and so suits active people with a more flashy sense of style, as it needs to be done once a week and then touched up again three of four days later. The style features shaven sides, a shaven front and curls left on top with a sloping front. This still works with straight hair. The graduation from the neck up needs to be perfectly blended from 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 into the curls. This takes a lot of time, but its worth it as it is a very sharp look.

Danny-Simpson Danny-Simpson-2

Ryan Babel’s Designer

Time: 20 – 30mins

Best for: Any face shape, very versatile

This is a very ‘on show’ style and by that I mean it leaves nothing to hide behind – so make sure you’re happy with everything you have on show – face, ears, clothes – as this is a minimal style! For this, we do a 1.5 all over, shaving the sides with the razor to get the lines sharp. We then shape up the front and back. At the back of the neck we’ll give it a natural look, blending from skin to 1.5 so there’s no harshness to it. We’ll then give the beard a number one so it’s just a dark shadow and shape it up so there’s a defined line around all the edges.

Ryan-Babel-1 Ryan-Babel-2

The Traditional Vardy-hawk

Time: 45mins

Best for: Oval face

This is the style I gave Jamie Vardy for his wedding. It really suits the gentleman style – so slim fit shirts, rolled up jeans or trousers, loafers and a blazer. Like the side mohawk, but this mohawk remain straight, with shaven sides and a finish with scissors. The front has to be shaped nicely, and the mohawk goes from short to long then back to short at the front.