London Collections Men - Oliver Cheshire blue suit

Why is a man so obsessed with the colour blue? It has been proven that the colour blue is some what genetic. Apparently blue gives a feeling of distance and most artists use it to give perspective. The colour blue will state a  cool vibration that is helpful for communication. This aside, it’s a colour that does not go out of style. So this winter it’s a great time to ascertainment and increase your outlook to the epic colour blue.

How Do I Wear Blue Suits?

Once you’ve mastered your suit style it’s important to understand the shade of blue that suits you. Yes different shades look good on some and not on others. Just try on a few blue suits and you will learn what looks good on you. Increasingly in business men are using different types of blue all at the same time. From your suit to your socks and everything in between. But I say add a touch of burgundy or emerald green and you certainly will give out a feel good factor message.

How to team your shirts with your blue suits can be done by  going a shade or two lighter than navy. Pastel shirts can more easily be incorporated with blue. Also a nice touch is going for deep colour contrasting ties. In this case David Gandy shows us by wearing a REISS suit he is the master of 50 shades of light blue.

Oliver Cheshire shows us that the epic white shirt just enhances the blue within you.

David Gandy REISS blue suit London Collections Men 2013

Blue Suits For men

London Collections Men - Oliver Cheshire

London Collections Men – Oliver Cheshire June 2013

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Blue Suits For men

Blue Suits For men

Blue Suits For men