Three-piece suit – A Modern Trend Or A Forgotten Relic Of The Past?

Three-piece suit – A Modern Trend Or A Forgotten Relic Of The Past?

At all times, the men’s three-piece suit was extremely popular. It gained its popularity back in the 1800s. The man who wears such a suit always looks attractive and stylish. Today we look at the history of this costume. Find out what are its varieties. We will also consider what kind of costume should be worn on the relevant event and examine some of the rules for combining clothes.


The Story Of The Appearance Of The Three-Piece Suit

The three-piece suit originates in the nineteenth century. At that time, instead of a jacket, men wore a tailcoat or frock coat, and trousers instead of pants. The vest is the only element which has not changed. Although this costume suffered some changes on itself, it remained a symbol of masculine style. If you are wearing such a suit, it’s easy for you to visit the Memigo hookup sites and easily meet the girl of your dreams.

Back in the 18th century, men began to emphasize their appearance. Men believed that not only women should have beautiful clothes. So they started to emphasize their style and status with the help of clothes too. In 1789, the French Revolution helped make some adjustments to men’s fashion. Men began to wear clothes which were preferred by aristocrats. It was then that the costumes became part of the wardrobe of an ordinary man.

Over time, the man style changed a bit and became similar to the modern one. Men began to wear more free models of costumes. Preference was given to dark colors, as they looked practical. Moreover, women began to dress freely and independently from year to year and it prompted men to wear strict and discreet costumes even more.

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How To Wear A Three-Piece Suit?

A three-piece suit fits any man, regardless of his figure. Man needs to behave properly to make costume looks gorgeous on him. A man should match this style since such a suit was worn by aristocrats.

Varieties of costumes

A man who puts on the same costume for different events violates all the rules of etiquette. You need to know all kinds of costumes to prevent it from happening. Costumes are classified by:

  • Models;
  • Purpose;

There are three models of this clothing. The single-breasted suit is preferred by most men. He is very comfortable and fits almost any man. The double-breasted suit looks very strict and personable. It is fastened to all buttons and thin and tall men usually wear it. Speaking about the classic three-piece suit, it should be noted that this model has existed long ago. It consists of trousers, a jacket, and a vest. All of them are sewn from the same fabric. The advantage of this model is that a man can take off his jacket without breaking the rules of etiquette.

Men’s suits are also different in purpose. Men usually wear certain types of costumes for formal and ceremonial events. There are also informal and business suits.


For what events is this or that kind of costume suitable?

You need to select the appropriate costume for each event. We will consider several events that need to be put on a certain type of costume.

Morning dress, tailcoat or tuxedo should be chosen for ceremonial events. The morning dress is distinguished by the fact that its length at the back reaches man’s knees, and its sides narrow to the bottom. Morning dress is worn with a waistcoat, bowtie and white shirt without fail.

Tuxedo is put on for the evening protocol events. He is also worn with a white shirt, bowtie and waistcoat. It is only black or white. The tail coat is also an evening outfit for ceremonial events. The tail coat is shortened, and behind it gets to man’s knees.

These models are appropriate for informal events:

  • Is usually worn to a party or a work;
  • Fashion item. Is appropriate for everyday life.

For business meetings, you should wear costumes of various tailoring, for example, American, Italian, German, European, French, etc.

For your information! No wonder the stylists came up with several models of costumes for one event, as each of them fits in different ways on a man. You can learn everything about the history of the classic costume in details here.

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The Subtleties Of Choosing The Right Suit

Today we have come to the conclusion that the three-piece suit is very popular. Every element of it is combined with different clothes in modern fashion. In order for the male image not to look ridiculous, one must not only choose the right suit for the appropriate event, but also buy clothes in size.

It is important to remember the features of the figure. Jacket and pants not only beautify a man but also hide his defects. Jacket length, chest volume, shoulder width, etc. must be selected to meet all the parameters of a real man. Protection Status

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