There are shirts in the wardrobe of almost any man, but how many of them should be and which ones depend on his lifestyle and work. In order not to rack your brains in the store, I will tell you how to choose universal shirts that will suit everyone. 

To make it easier to navigate the models, I recommend deciding before buying what a particular shirt is for: for the office, for a special occasion – for a wedding, party, official event – or universal for every day. 

If the shirt is for the office, it is better to focus on the dress code adopted by the company – it indicates colours, prints, and style. For everyday looks, you can choose a coloured, printed shirt or an option with an interesting texture. 

A shirt for a special occasion can also be an interesting colour or texture. A shirt with sleeves under cufflinks looks especially festive. If you need a versatile shirt for every day that goes with everything, the classic white model will help out. 

I recommend paying attention to the size of the shirt and the type of figure: tight-fitting slim-fit shirts emphasize an athletic figure, and straight regular shirts fit well on a figure with a tummy. 

Classic white shirt

A white shirt is an indispensable and practical item in a man’s wardrobe. It is universal, so it will suit any look – classic for a business dress code, casual, and even sport chic. Looks great with trousers, jeans, and even Bermuda shorts. 

It is better to buy a white shirt for every day in the mass market: the thing is very easily soiled, no matter how carefully it is worn, it is easy to stain or damage the fabric. From frequent washing, it quickly loses its appearance. I recommend buying expensive white shirts only for special occasions. 

white shirt

Pros: A white shirt will never go out of style.

Cons: requires special care and accuracy in wearing. 

Cufflink shirt

A shirt with specially cut sleeves for cufflinks can complete any formal look – from business to festive in a black tie or white tie dress code. The degree of solemnity depends on the details – the material and design of the cufflinks, as well as trousers, jacket, and tie. 

Buttons on the sleeves are not provided – you can wear a shirt only with cufflinks, and they should be visible from under the sleeves of the jacket. It is usually combined with classic trousers, a jacket, a tuxedo, or a three-piece suit. Options with a vest or suspenders are possible – it will be more democratic. 

Cufflink shirt

Pros: looks expensive, suitable for high-level events.

Cons: Good cufflinks are usually expensive. 

Plaid shirt

For more than a year, the cage has not gone out of fashion. You can safely consider it a universal option for classic looks and a casual image, depending on the size and colour of the checkered print. Plaid can be combined with anything and used in a variety of everyday looks – from relaxed sport chic to sophisticated eclectic – a mix of styles.

 In the upcoming season, the red cell will be especially relevant. In such a shirt, two fashion trends intersect at once: a checkered print and the most fashionable colour, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is “chilli pepper”. 

plaid shirt

Pros: in a calmer and non-contrasting version, it is suitable for the office.

Cons: a check is always at least two colours and often a rather active print, so you need to be careful in combinations and selection of other colours of the image. 

Coloured or printed shirt

With the help of classic shirts in different colours and prints, you can create a unique and stylish look. This is a simple and versatile solution for those who like brightness and variety in clothes, even if they have to follow a dress code. 

Under the suit, calmer and muted shades are suitable. As an independent element with trousers or jeans, the shirt can be in brighter colours or with interesting prints. If you have several shirts of different colours and shades, you can almost endlessly create new looks. The so-called mens work shirts look great in a casual look. 

printed shirt for men

Pros: Looks good with long sleeves and shorts – in summer looks.

Cons: inappropriate for a strict or solemn dress code. The shade and print of the shirt should be matched to the colour of the hair, eyes, and skin. 

The outline

4 men’s shirts for all occasions

  1. The classic white shirt will never go out of fashion, suitable for everyday and holiday, with trousers and jeans;
  2. A shirt with cufflinks is needed for a strict dress code – for solemn and formal events or for a tuxedo;
  3. A plaid shirt will complement your casual wardrobe, while options with a neutral and non-contrasting plaid are suitable for the office;
  4. A coloured shirt or a shirt with an unusual print will make even the look more interesting with a suit, it will be combined with different clothes.