Any man should pay close attention to the combination of shoes with clothes. Not all boots or shoes will fit certain trousers, jackets, or coats.

Creating a stylish kit is a skill that needs to be learned. Of course, there are people whose sense of taste is developed by nature. Before you start to form a certain image, you should listen to the advice of stylists. It certainly won’t be redundant. 

Combination of men’s trousers and shoes

In a men’s wardrobe, trousers are a basic element. They are suitable for office style, it is customary to wear them for festive events. A strict and business look is easy to change to a street look if you choose the right shoes for the trousers. What can be advantageously combined with trousers to look stylish and outstanding? Classics, sneakers, or comfortable shoes in casual style? A few practical tips will help you understand these issues.

With dress pants, oxfords or derbies will look great. The first ones are quite strict, they are worn with a tuxedo, jacket, or tailcoat. The second model is more functional, it will go well even with a jumper. 

Shoes without laces with a small heel – loafers or craftsman boots from R.M. Williams shoes collection will successfully fit into a business look. They go well with classic trousers and suits. You can choose matching accessories for shoes – watches or cufflinks, as well as socks, they can be of different textures, densities, and height. 

Sports shoes are usually worn with jeans. Sneakers are suitable for wide models, and skinny jeans can be worn with sneakers. 

Combination of men’s trousers and shoes

Shoes or boots with decorative perforations will look interesting with any men’s suit, including casual ones. You can choose any colour of shoes. Brogues with thick soles will perfectly complement the set, especially if the trousers are ironed with creases. 

If you are a fan of massive hiking shoes, you should know that they are not combined with trousers. They are usually worn with sportswear or uniforms. Semi-sports shoes are suitable for fashionable loose-fitting trousers. If you are not afraid to experiment, then slacks can be safely combined with sneakers. 

Chinos are worn with sandals, sneakers with thick soles, and topsiders. Practical khaki pants go well with sneakers, sneakers, and rough boots. Jeans are suitable for any shoes, except for patent leather shoes. The combination of cargo pants and canvas sneakers will be interesting. Corduroy pants are best paired with leather shoes or low boots. But high boots will look good with a skinny trouser model. 

Men’s boots and outerwear

Next, we will talk about the combination of shoes with outerwear for men. No fashion collection today is complete without stylish leather boots. A wide variety of presented models allows you to choose a pair that fits perfectly into the wardrobe of any man. 

Boots for a coat

Men’s brown and black boots are in fashion. These two colours should be given special attention. The main thing is that they do not combine with each other at all. So, it is inappropriate to wear black boots paired with a brown coat and vice versa. If you have a business meeting or a trip to friends, wear brown shoes and outerwear to match the shoes. You can choose a grey or blue coat with a classic cut. Brown shades in combination with grey should look brighter. 

Black shoes always look more formal. Male representatives often choose black in combination with black. But you can make your wardrobe much more interesting by adding bright things to your monochrome look. The combination of black and grey is in trend. Therefore, you will look very stylish by wearing black boots under a grey coat.

Quite successfully, you can combine dark blue and black colours. If you chose a navy blue coat, wear black boots under it, and you definitely won’t lose. This combination of colours will be spectacular for any style. 

The presence of decorative elements on shoes depends on how conservative and enterprising a man is. The most strict and conservative choose shoes in black or dark brown. For lovers of a freestyle, for example casual, the colour scheme can be more diverse, all shades of beige will do. Bright and creative shoes are usually chosen by creative people and those who are not afraid to experiment. 

Raincoat and boots

What shoes to choose when wearing a raincoat? You should act in the same way as when choosing boots for a coat. The main thing to remember is the compatibility (or complete incompatibility) of colours and different styles in clothes and shoes. If you wear a loose raincoat in a casual style, then the shoes should also match the casual look. When choosing a classic trench coat, keep in mind that strict and concise dark-coloured boots will fit under it. 

When creating an image, experts allow a combination of different textures in shoes. Modern men’s shoes are made from traditional smooth, pile, and patent leather. Suede shoes are a good addition to a casual raincoat and will be appropriate for creating a more creative and vibrant look. 

Boots for the jacket

It is not difficult to choose men’s boots for a jacket. A polished pair of smooth leather with a subtle matte sheen works well. Those who are accustomed to wearing short clothes in casual style in everyday life may prefer tall models made of reddish nubuck. 

Paying great attention to the combination of clothes and shoes for men, do not forget about the shape of the nose of the shoes. Round and pointed shapes are no longer relevant. A boring look can be diluted with coloured laces and an elongated jacket. You should not buy shoes with strange inscriptions, logos, or ridiculous decor.