A sharp-dressed man is thought to command authority and respect. He who dons clothes well knows how to dress to the occasion. A stylish man is a master at mixing comfort, fashion, and function—everywhere and every time.

There seems to be a running misconception that only women should be conscious of fashion. However, men, too, could express themselves in the clothes they wear and the accessories they adorn themselves with.

Developing your own fashion taste sometimes could come naturally. But sometimes it could take you years to find your own style. Whichever stage you may be in your fashion journey, you could take heed of these fashion fundamentals to guide you.

1. Wear Your Confidence

When you feel good about yourself, your confidence would shine through. Stylish men are thought to share a common trait: they stay confident regardless of whom they’re pitted against.

Being confident translates into how you carry your clothes, whether you’re a jeans and sneakers guy or a suit-and-tie type. Whatever you’re wearing, you’d move seamlessly and walk and move better, which could add to your appeal. So whatever fashion style you wish to take—street style, rockstar, preppy, or jet-setter—try to always be confident.

2. Know The Basics

There’s a saying you have to master the basics before learning how to break them. The same goes when discussing men’s fashion.

Whether you’re still in the process of creating your own fashion taste or you’ve already established your own style, it’s important to know the basics. It takes years of practice, but it would help to know which cuts and colours would look good on you.

Warm or cool? Check whether you have warm or cool-toned skin. If your veins are greenish-blue, then you’re likely to have warm-hued skin. Yellow, orange, rust, and white colours may look best on you.

On the other hand, men whose veins look purplish are said to have cool-toned skin. It’s best if you choose your clothes in pastel and blue colors. Some men have neutral-toned skin, who are thought to look best in either earth-toned or pastel-based hues.

3. Know How To Dress According To Your Body Shape

Like everyone else, men’s bodies also come in different shapes and sizes, and there are styles that would work better on triangular, rectangular, inverted triangle, or oval-shaped folks.

Vertical stripes and tailored blazers are believed to work best for triangles, who are advised to avoid heavy prints and tapered cuts. Meanwhile, horizontal stripes, slim-fit shirts, and straight-cut trousers are said to look good on inverted triangles, who might find shoulder pads and lapels unflattering. Oval-shaped men, or guys with a wider mid-section, could mask their shape by sticking to bold colours and shunning tight-fit clothes.

Well-fitting garments are believed to be the key to looking good in clothes. Thus, a good advice would be to develop a good relationship with your tailor, who’d alter your clothes and play a big part in making you look like a million.

5 Keys To Being A Sharp-Dressed Man

4. Invest In Some Style Staples

Any fashionista would probably know that fashion is fleeting, yet style is eternal. This means classic pieces are always in demand, whatever trendy fashion magazines say.

A classic piece would allow you to wear it for the longest time, and it’s something you could mix and match with your other staples. Here are some of them:

  • Crisp white button shirt
  • Sky blue shirt
  • Dark blue trousers
  • Wool trousers
  • Gray sweatshirt
  • Denim jacket
  • Suede boots
  • Sneakers
  • Brown leather shoes
  • Loafers
  • Slim-cut denim jeans
  • Plain V-neck and crewneck shirts
  • Blazer

To ensure these pieces of clothes would make you look good for a long time, it’s important to take care of them. One way of doing this is by washing your clothes properly.

5. Practice Self-Care

You may have the most expensive suits and clothes in the world, but if you don’t take care of yourself, it could amount to nothing. When you let yourself go, your self-esteem could suffer. This might negatively impact your physical appearance.

Have you ever wondered why men in uniform generally look snappy and sharp? Policemen and soldiers are known to go through rigorous physical training and maintain discipline. Exercising regularly, sleeping well, and eating a balanced diet would help you build up your self-confidence. This would help you look your best, whatever it is you’re wearing.

The Bottom Line

It may only take a few seconds to create a first impression, and other people could judge you based on how you look. The way you dress up is part of how you show yourself to the public, and people react to it and treat you accordingly.

Knowing how to dress sharply as a man would require creating a balance between knowing the basics and infusing your own style with each piece you wear. Being a stylish man may also demand discipline, self-care, and confidence.